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I’m getting mould, malt, marmite…


For about six months now there’s been a strange smell hovering over the junction of Lilford Road and Carew Street. What is it??? It’s kind of sweet and putrid at the same time, with a hint of vinegar, and always reminds me of rotting sandwiches. These days it doesn’t seem quite as strong as before, but it’s drifting further down Carew Street, so you have to put up with it for longer. Maybe the phantom fast-food-tipper who used to frequent the junction of Flaxman Road, Eastlake Road and Gordon Grove, leaving little piles of what always looked from a distance like vomit, but never actually was, has now upgraded operations to the creation of a mountain of unwanted white sliced at another, bigger junction with a bigger bridge. Or maybe a while back someone set up an illicit beer-brewing operation, which they then abandoned to ferment away forever by itself. If anyone knows what the explanation is please do tell.


5 thoughts on “I’m getting mould, malt, marmite…

  1. I’m not familiar with the smell of this junction but the phantom fast-food tipper sounds like the old Chinese woman who hokes in the bins in front of the Barrier Block and then leaves a giant mound of…God knows what..for her army of seagulls and pigeons. This is usually at around 8am ish.

    Maybe you can ask John, the friendly local street-sweeper, what it is.

  2. I have noticed the smell on my way to work in the mornings. Living near a biscuit factory in Bermondsey in the 80’s which made twiglets and custard creams smelt exactly like this.

  3. I’m not entirely sure where this is, but my impression of the Chinese women is that the Barrier block is hugley better because of her, she is always picking up litter in her yellow hi viz suit. You’ll struggle to find a dropped cigarette butt on that stretch of pavement!

  4. May well be true but I never go over that side of the road because of the Hitchcock-esque flock of seagulls circling above. It might be a bit earier these days. About 7ish this morning. I used to live in a small Surrey village where a bloke in camo would walk around town bagging litter all day so sometimes these eccentrics can be useful. We have guerilla gardening so do you think guerilla tidying would catch on? I’m often tempted.

  5. Hello
    Just wanted to say I have noticed it too, it’s horrible, I can smell it all the way back at the far end of Paulet Road (junction with Denmark Road) we’ve been wondering what it is for a while, my flatmate thinks it’s brewing but it just makes me feel sick.
    The mystery continues!

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