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Saftey & Staffing at Loughborough Junction train station


I just had a look at my emails and found this information about the staffing of Loughborough Junction train station. (sign the petition here)

“Dear All

to alert you

There are plans afoot to close the Loughborough Junction Station ticket office from 12.45 noon weekdays and all day Saturday and Sunday

Obviously whilst no trains at the weekend that part of the move is acceptable as a temporary measure but the move to close at 12.45 noon all week is the thin edge of the wedge as it will make the station much less safe

There is a consultation document at the station
Asked to contact with your views by email to customer.relations. fcc@firstgroup. com or
First Capital Connect
Customer relations Department
PO Box 443

or Passenger Focus
PO Box 4257
M60 3AR

or London Travel\Watch
6 Middle Street
London EC1A 7JA

Suggest we advertise and inundate them with comments”

This seems like a fairly crucial point about the train station and would encourage you to pass this on and to take it up with the addresses above. and here ::  customer.relations. fcc@firstgroup. com


Author: loughboroughjunction

The Loughborough Junction Forum is a grassroots organisation set up by local people to provide all members of the community with a way to improve the Loughborough Junction area. It is intended that it provides eyes, ears and a collective voice for the community. All participants are invited to provide accounts of what they see happening within the area and to share their concerns and ideas with the forum so that they can be collated and channelled to the relevant authorities.

3 thoughts on “Saftey & Staffing at Loughborough Junction train station

  1. We need your support in Loughborough Junction!

    Capital Connect plan to close the Loughborough Junction Station ticket office from 12.45 noon weekdays and all day Saturday and Sunday.

    We think this is insane and dangerous and invite you to sign this petition against the reduced hours and early closure of the ticket office.

    Please sign it, leave a comment and forward it on.




  2. brilliant. thanks for the info.

  3. hi there, i was wondering if you’d want to come along to our next event, which will, this month, take place at the library house, 52 knatchbull road – i thought it might be very relevant for the area and it would be a good way to get more support?
    do let me know when you get a chance, my email is info@peoplesrepublicofsouthwark.co.uk

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