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The Next LJAG General Meeting

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The Next Loughborough Junction General meeting is on Monday 16th February at 8pm.

Harry Caddick Community Centre
63 Lilford Road



1. Introductions
2. Updates on LJAG’s achievements to date
3. Street cleanliness: Streetcare representative
4. LJAG aims for 2009
5. Next meetings scheduled
6. Constitution to be agreed – download it here :: LJAG Constitution
7. AOB: residents concerns and suggestions for Loughborough Junction area

About The Loughborough Junction Action Group

The action group was founded by residents with the common goal of improving the quality of life in Loughborough Junction.

The Goals of the Action Group are as follows.

(i) Independent of the Council.

(ii) An Action group rather than a residents association

(a) as it includes business

(b) We don’t want the constraints attached to a Residents Association.

(iii) Strive for positive action not just complaints

(iv) To put Loughborough Junction on the map (as distinct from Brixton, Herne Hill and Camberwell).

(v) Foster the community around Loughborough Junction and celebrating the area

(vi) Include social events.


The purpose of the group is to enhance and improve the area by involving local residents and businesses to support regeneration.

Who Can be a member?

Anyone who has an interest in Loughborough Junction either as a resident, someone who works locally, businesses and anyone that visits Loughborough Junction. To keep the group focused on locals, the council are not invited to join.

If you are interested in joining the LJAG then please sign up to our Yahoo Group. or contact us for an invitation.


Author: loughboroughjunction

The Loughborough Junction Forum is a grassroots organisation set up by local people to provide all members of the community with a way to improve the Loughborough Junction area. It is intended that it provides eyes, ears and a collective voice for the community. All participants are invited to provide accounts of what they see happening within the area and to share their concerns and ideas with the forum so that they can be collated and channelled to the relevant authorities.

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