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Here’s some news about an interesting project being run by the excellent organization Kids Company, who work with young people in South London and have a base in Kenbury St SE5. Check out their website at http://www.kidsco.org.uk. Genevieve Maitland Hudson of Kids Company came to our meeting tonight (27.4.09) to present the project. Here is the mail she sent beforehand:


“I’m emailing really to announce a forthcoming Kids Company venture. As I’m sure you know, Kids Company has centres in Peckham, Camberwell and Bermondsey. I work for the Urban Academy which is the education centre for over 16s. In partnership with the French Bondy Blog, we are beginning a new journalism project. The French blog was set up during the riots of 2005 to give a voice to young people from the banlieues. The Urban Academy will soon be launching a sister site in partnership with the original blog. The site will provide a platform for young people to go out into their communities and uncover the stories that are not told in the mainstream media. Rather than relying on journalists dropped into South East London as if into a war zone, the site will tell it like it is, like it really is, on the ground. Guns, knives, gangs, violence, drugs, unemployment and teen pregnancy look very different seen from the inside rather than the outside, and they don’t tell the whole story. They don’t come close to telling the whole story. This new innovative news site will give much needed balance to the usual portrayal of inner-city London, highlighting the good, not only the bad and the ugly.

We will be involving professional journalists with the project and will be linking it with established mainstream news sources. Our aim is to blend the best of traditional journalism with the pioneering approach of citizen journalism. Our young bloggers will be calling on their own knowledge and experience and their networks of friends and family to write their stories. They will be reporting on their world from the privileged position of the expert, carrying out investigative journalism in their own communities, but they will also be learning how to make their voices heard, and heard effectively, in our fast-paced world.

 The majority of the bloggers for the site will attend the Urban Academy however we are interested in involving other young people in the project as both mentors and writers. I wondered therefore if I might perhaps present the project at your next meeting? I would also be delighted to hear any suggestions you may have for reaching out to potential writers in the area.”



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