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Lambeth local development framework

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Local resident Clare Neely has been checking out Lambeth’s Local Development Framework – draft Core Strategy  http://tinyurl.com/qsrvgw and found it contains a “one line mention of Loughborough Junction in one of the appendices”. She suggests the following paragraph should  be added:

Policy PN10A    Loughborough Junction

The council will support the role of Loughborough Junction as a small community focused district promoting local arts based and other businesses and services. The council will build on the very low car ownership in the area so Loughborough Junction becomes Lambeth’s flagship area for walking and cycling to local shops and businesses, Ruskin Park, local buses and Loughborough Junction Station. The council will promote urban realm improvements, including sculptures commissioned from local artists, and trees, throughout the Loughborough Junction area but particularly around the Coldharbour Lane retail area, Loughborough Junction station and at the junction of Coldharbour Lane withMilkwood Road and Loughborough Road.

In the absence of any objections Clare intends to send this paragraph to Lambeth for inclusion in their document. She says:

“Unless anyone has any violent objections I will write to Alan Vinall at the planning department and ask for this to be included and ask our councillors to back its inclusion.”

If you have any comments please post them.


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