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(from the Campaign’s flyer)

“Secret Deal to Cut Rail Services in Inner South London

It was discovered recently that there was a secret deal between TfL (Transport for London) and DfT (Department for Transport) to axe the planned Denmark Hill to Victoria service which would have originated in Bellingham. This service was to have been the poor compromise to compensate for the planned loss of the Victoria, Denmark Hill, London Bridge service – the South London Line (SLL) – in 2012. With the loss of SLL, passengers from Denmark Hill would have to travel to Clapham Junction and change there for Victoria! With the loss of the South London Line and the admission that Denmark Hill will be losing the proposed Bellingham to Victoria link we believe it is essential to campaign for the retention of the South London Line – London Bridge Denmark Hill Victoria service.”

To those concerned here are the links:-

Facebook Group – to join the campaign

Facebook Cause – help promote the cause by inviting your friends to join

Online Petition


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