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Proposed redevelopment of the Kings Car Park


Here is the link on the Lambeth Planning Site to the redevelopment of the Kings Car Park which is adjacent to Lilford Road Estate and Geoffrey Chaucer. Probably the largest scheme proposed in the area for many years.

This application is to build 108 affordable homes (social housing) on the
site of the Kings Car Park/ old Sunday Market site. The flats will be in 2
blocks filling the front of the site onto Coldharbour Lane and are all
proposed to be 8 storeys high. The highest buildings in the area are the
Lilford Estate and they are 5 storeys and set back – most properties are 2,
3, or 4 storeys high in the area. –

In an area with high levels of social housing (Lilford Estate, Winterbrook,
Thorlands, Geoffrey Chaucer and Crawford (over the Southwark Boundary)),
given the proposal to introduce a dispersal zone in this area, because of
already unacceptable crime issues, is such an intense development ideal?

Please look at the proposals and provide comment if you wish to Lambeth –
the DEADLINE is 4 August – which is when Lambeth anticipate making a
decision. I attach a couple of images.


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Author: loughboroughjunction

The Loughborough Junction Forum is a grassroots organisation set up by local people to provide all members of the community with a way to improve the Loughborough Junction area. It is intended that it provides eyes, ears and a collective voice for the community. All participants are invited to provide accounts of what they see happening within the area and to share their concerns and ideas with the forum so that they can be collated and channelled to the relevant authorities.

5 thoughts on “Proposed redevelopment of the Kings Car Park

  1. The development is poorly designed and will not add anything to the area but provide social housing. The height of the development is inappropriate for the location.
    The development should be lower, mix private and affordable housing (plus socially rented units) and offer larger outside space per dwelling. The white facade, due to a history of lack of upkeep of social housing in the borough, will turn unsightly and become an eyesore. A material change should be considered.
    Given the concentration of crime in the local area it is beyond me how such high density social housing can be proposed. There is an abundance of existing council flats in the local area which are boarded up and could easily be brought back into use (3 one bedroom flats on the Paulet Road Estate alone with large outdoor space and even the possibility of converting them into accessible flats!). The proposed development is not thought through and should be reconsidered. A development in principle of this site however is very desired.

  2. Thanks for posting the link to the planning development site. I agree with Carsten’s comments above and have written objecting to the planned development – while clearly something needs to be done with the site, an extra 108 affordable housing flats in two ultra-dense blocks is not the answer and could easily result in increased car parking problems and anti-social behaviour.

  3. Attended the planning committee meeting last night at Lambeth Town Hall, and this was approved. Was happy to discover that none of the residents will be getting local parking permits so there will be no impact on parking. Committee was very much in favour of the scale and it being 100% affordable housing. They did however share my concerns about the potential for the white facade to look tatty after a few years, and asked for reassurances about the quality of materials used. The chair got quite excited by the idea of ‘self-cleaning concrete’.

    On the whole though this has the potential to be a real eyesore – it’s massively larger than surrounding buildings and will dominate that whole section of street. Guess we’ll all have to get used to those disgusting yellow balconies.

  4. Thanks for the update Ben. Pardon me if I had to smile at the chair getting exited by the idea of ‘self cleaning concrete’. It is typically a concrete using cements, available in white or gray, which are specifically designed for the construction of prestigious architectural work and therefore very expensive. This should be the first thing that will be ‘value engineered’ out of the project due to excessive cost, and surely be replaced with a cheap impregnator which will simply wear off after a few years and there we have it, the eyesore out of local scale 100% social housing development that noone really wanted. Congratulations Lambeth for being a step close to hitting your affordable housing target. Now, let’s focus on all the existing housing stock in the borough which is literally rotting away…

  5. What an awful piece of news ! are they really going to build yet anohter social-housing behemoth in this crime-infested and misery-laden corner of the earth ! Can any one explain to me how the Lambeth bureaucrats/politicians think ? do they think at all ! or has LJ simply been deisgnated the dumping ground for Lambeth ! one thing is certain though : someone will be making alot of money.

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