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Loughborough Junction’s Best Local Restaurant????


Ben added :: What is everyone’s favourite Loughborugh Junction restaurant (excluding The Cambria)? I’ve been looking for a local resident for two years and barely tried any of them so would love to hear which places you rate.


Comment by Johnny on July 8, 2009 10:40 pm

Takeaways – #1 I’ve tried the Eastern Tree a couple of times and thats pretty good. #2 Wang Fa is bog standard Chinese takeaway but the people are nice so I always feel well disposed towards them. #4 The Indian place (Zest?) made me ill. #5 DLish is ok but overpriced and my rice ‘n peas had 0 peas. #3 Asya is a good chippy. Good battered sausages and chips are…chippy. #7 the 2 fried chicken/kebab places by the Warrior and the Green Man are just terrible. The one adjacent to the Green Man served up the worst chips I’ve ever had. They stank of smelly feet dipped in stale fat. I had 1 and was nearly sick. Horrible gristly chicken burgers too. #6 the Chinese and kebab/chippy on Millkwood Road are both incredibly ordinary.

I’ve never been desperate enough to try Control Tower or Blessed but maybe I’m missing out?


Nick added::

I did try the control tower (lol) several years ago and to this day I have not been back – ever! Im lucky to still be alive.

Best restaurants …

Number 1 has to go to the eastern tree, which has never let us down with good quality tasty Vietnamese dishes. – That’s it isn’t it? Firezza (take away only) is secretly tucked away on Hardess street which they describe as their Herne Hill branch, but is firmly entrenched in LJ – Yey!

Best Fish & Chips – The Herne Hill Fish & Chip shop at the top of Herne Hill Road. This is now a pilgrimage we make every Friday.
Best Indian – in our humble opinion has to be split between Safa in Camberwell and Ganapati in Peckham

Any other great restaurants?? Camberwell: Cafe Tadem & Hoa Viet – both cheap and cheerful reliable places to go.

Does anyone else have a recomendation to add??


Comment by Anna on July 10, 2009 5:11 pm

Why is there no pizza place? What about a Pizza restaurant in one of the empty pubs?. In fact what about anything at all in them!


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5 thoughts on “Loughborough Junction’s Best Local Restaurant????

  1. Thai restauarant down Coldharbour on way to Camberwell, very good food, good deserts for a thai restaurant too.

  2. I have to partially disagree with some of the previous posts…
    The Control Tower does great curried goat, the place is always busy well in to the night. Always a good sign!

    As far as other LJ eateries are concerned, its slim pickings unfortunately. The place is crying out for somewhere new, especially now eastern tree seams to have closed down.

    Head down to Camberwell for some authentic cuisine from Xinjiang, in western China. I recommend ‘big plate chicken’ a delicious spicy stew with the fattest noodles ever created.

  3. We just tried the new Brazilian restaurant for lunch. It is being run as a Brazilian and Italian restaurant and the menu is split in the middle. Sadly its not up to much, an overly complicated mix of Italian and Brazilian dishes with a good mix of bad English made for a unusually bad lunch. We were the only people in the restaurant and were waiting for about 45 minutes for our order. When it arrived the bad English became evident, the fish goujons turned out to be deep fried salty sprats which my 5 year old wasn’t very interested in, the pizza had a thick under cooked base and the pork and rice was an astonishingly bad selection of very well cooked pork fat and meat with black beans. – The courses were huge, really huge but unfortunately it was a case of quantity over quality.

  4. I agree re the Brazilian restaurant – such a lot of washing up for such a horrible meal.

  5. Just eaten at Castelo – the latest incarnation of Coast Bar – and it’s delicious and cheap as chips. But it was empty on Saturday night so let’s give it some support. Also, it has free pool – but bring you own tips!

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