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green group’s tree planting success!


Hi all! I would just like to say thank you to everyone who has been involved in and supported the green group thus far. We have had a successful tree campaign with 15 trees being planted in the loughborough junction area over the last couple of months! Which is great news!

Our next green group meeting is this thursday 25th feb at 8pm. We are aiming to launch the ‘loughborough junction in bloom’ competition within the next couple of weeks! We hope to encourage locals to garden in their front yards and plant up window boxes for all to see!
If you would like to join us and help out then please email Carolynn52@hotmail. com if you are available for the meeting or over the next couple of months.

Thanks, Carolynn


2 thoughts on “green group’s tree planting success!

  1. Hi – I’ve been trying to find out who cut down the big trees in the carpark between Southwell Road and the railway line – do you know anything about this?

    Thanks for any advice

  2. I imagine someone might be able to help with this, I don’t imagine it was the green group though!

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