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Trista attended the Safer Neighbourhood Panel meeting on the 9th March and got some useful info from the police and representatives from Lambeth. Here it is:
The Safer Neighbourhood Team and the police in general are interested in dealing with antisocial behaviour and minor crime. However, they say they aren’t able to do as much as they would like because people don’t report it.
For example, someone at the meeting said she had been scammed by a man who came to her door offering to come round later with an assistant and clear her gutters. She gave him some money, he went off ‘to fetch his mate’ and never came back.
She didn’t report this to the police, but they would have liked her to.
The numbers I have for the Herne Hill team are
  • 020 8721 2824
  • 07881 511386
  • 0208 649 2007
and you can email team leader Sergeant Tom Cornish on

If you are in Coldharbour ward (north of Coldharbour Lane) go to the met police site safer neighbourhoods section at
and type in your postcode. This will give you the contact details for your team.
If in doubt, contact Herne Hill SN team and they will pass the message on to whoever can deal with it or tell you who to contact.
Please note – and following Conor’s experience – the Safer Neighbourhood Team aren’t a quick response unit. They are trying to deal with chronic, low level problems.
If you need the police to come in a hurry call 999.
The priorities set for Herne Hill over the following 3 months are: lighting around LJ (youth priority), safety and dog nuisance in Ruskin Park and aggressive begging around LJ (Southwell Road, outside the shops, etc.)
These were the main problems that came up at the meeting. If you have other concerns please contact your SN team.
Lambeth also have personnel whose job is to try to deal with antisocial behaviour and again, they don’t get to hear about it as much as they would like.
The kinds of things they are interested in are: dog nuisance, noisy neighbours, fly tipping, begging.
There is an antisocial behaviour hotline: 020 7926 4000.
This goes through to a call centre 9-5 and outside those hours you can leave a message which they will get next morning.

Noise line: 020 7926 6111 (office hours)
Outside of office hours:        020 7926 5999
10.00pm – 3.00am Sunday – Thursday
10.00pm – 5.00am Friday and Saturday

There are also a number of community safety coordinators for different areas in Lambeth, who want to be contacted about things like dangerous dogs and general safety issues. For the Herne Hill ward the contact is:
(Thanks to Herne Hill forum website for all these Lambeth contact details)
The people employed by Lambeth seem to be genuinely looking for stuff to do, so let’s oblige them!
All the best,

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The Loughborough Junction Forum is a grassroots organisation set up by local people to provide all members of the community with a way to improve the Loughborough Junction area. It is intended that it provides eyes, ears and a collective voice for the community. All participants are invited to provide accounts of what they see happening within the area and to share their concerns and ideas with the forum so that they can be collated and channelled to the relevant authorities.

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