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Loughborough Junction – centre of the universe


Because Loughborough Junction is on the edge of many constituencies and administrative boundaries it is often overlooked. We have developed the attached map to put the area at the centre of a Europe-wide transport network to make the point about how we are often overlooked when it comes to investment in transport and the public realm.

From the recent lack of a replacement bus while Coldharbour Lane is closed to the omission of a Loughborough Junction station on Phase 2 of the East London Line Extension and the withdrawal of direct services to Victoria from Denmark Hill; it is plain that we are being over looked when it comes to our transport needs. Add to this the lack of investment by the council and the fact that it does not enforce its own planning regulations and you have a spiral of decline that we want to see stopped.

When we tell people we live in Loughborough Junction we don’t want the response to be ‘Where?”, we want it to be “wow, lucky you”. This map has been produced to put Loughborough Junction on the map in a good way and remind politicians that we exist – especially when they are asking for our votes in the forthcoming national and local elections.

If you agree, show your support by;
1. forwarding this e-mail to as many people as you can who live, work or travel through Loughborough Junction
2. Print out the attached map an displaying it prominently

We’ve sent this to our politicians and their officers. We’ll let you know who replies and what they have to say.


Paul Adlam
Chris Patterson

Boris Johnson, Mayor
Valerie Shawcross, GLA member Southwark & Lambeth
Caroline Pidgeon, Chair of GLA Transport Committee
Jenny Jones, GLA Transport Committee
Peter Hendy, Commissioner, Transport for London

Kate Hoey MP (Vauxhall)
Tessa Jowell MP (Dulwich)
Harriet Harman (Camberwell & Peckham)

Steve Reid, Leader Lambeth Council
Jim Dickson, Ward Councillor
Kirsty McHugh, Ward Councillor
Rebecca Thackrey, Ward Councillor


8 thoughts on “Loughborough Junction – centre of the universe

  1. Jenny Jones answered first! In under 5 minutes from the e-mail being sent! She said;
    thanks for this!
    couldn’t open the map, but i do use LJ station sometimes, so know exactly where it is.
    otherwise, the closest i get is the brixton ritzy or the sun and doves.
    i did notice i couldn’t get a bus home to camberwell the other night from LJ (coming back from bedzed) because all the busstops were closed and no buses went past.

    good luck with your campaign.

    Cllr. Jenny Jones AM
    Green Party Group
    Chair, Planning and Housing Committee
    London Assembly

  2. Great map – goes well along with this effort someone did showing the tube map flipped over and all the stations in glorious south London rather than concentrated in the north:

    I feel as a local resident all these initiatives and efforts by the LJAG and others are making me prouder to live in Loughborough Junction and more hopeful for the future, I hope others feel the same

  3. I said i would let you know who replied. Here goes;

    Kate Hoey MP said;
    Dear Chris I think you are right about the Ward being rather broken up by boundaries. From the next general election the entire Coldharbour Ward goes into Dulwich and West Norwood constituency which will makes things a little more rounded Kate

    Caroline Pidgeon said;
    Thank you very much indeed for your email. I know it can be very difficult, as you say, when different boundaries meet and a community is located just at that point. I know there are similar issues picked up with Camberwell at times with the Lambeth/Southwark split and down at Crystal Place where 5 Boroughs meet.

    The East London Line Phase 2 is very important for the area and I certainly think Loughborough Junction and Brixton need to be looked into for the next phase.

    If there are any specific issues relating to the Mayor that I can take up as a Londonwide Assembly Member, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

    Best wishes


    Cllr Rachel Heywood said;
    Dear Chris – Tessa’s office sent this to me. The map looks fantastic, well done. I hope it might please you to know that I lobbied a very senior Transport for London official at this week’s Full Council meeting about Loughborough Junction. I am passionate about getting investment into the area and was pleased to attend the opening of the Skills Zone in the ex-Green Man pub which is actually in my ward.

    Which was the other point I wanted to make – I appreciate that artificial boundaries, often political, are a big part of the problem but Loughborough Junction station and much of the surrounding area is in Coldharbour ward so please keep me in the loop in future.

    With best wishes Rachel

  4. Val Shawcross’s response;

    Dear Paul and Chris

    Are you members of the Loughborough Junction Action Group?

    There’s been quite a lot said over the years about how the area around Coldharbour lane does get forgotten and neglected being at the border zone between Lambeth and Southwark. I’ve done work in the past to manage to get some improvements done to than Loughborough Junction station, but my biggest disappointment was the cancellation of the Cross River Tram project because I always believed that the way to finally solve the linkage problems for the area would be to take a tram extension from Peckham , though Camberwell Green and down Coldhrabour Lane to Brixton to join what would have been the arm of the tram running into Brixton. The current Mayor does not support the Cross River Tram project.

    We did also make a case to the previous Mayor to stop the East London Line at Loughborough Junction. However the rail engineering view was that getting stop in at Brixton had a case but it would be too close to Loughborough junction to work for both. As it stands at the moment Lambeth Council has a very strong committment to trying to get a new platform put in at Brixton station for the East London Line as a later stage to the project. Sadly at the moment than plan is not being supported by the current Mayor and we will continue to rely on bus services for the time being.

    I have been campaigning very actively as the chair of the Save the South London Line campaign to stop the reduction of services at Denmark Hill and I attached recent report of the campaign sent to the thousands of people who kindly signed our petition……

    Over the last few months thousands of people have signed a petition to Save the South London Line train service (SLL). This report is to bring you up to date on our progress and to ask you to help us keep up the pressure on Mayor Boris Johnson and Transport Minster Sadiq Khan MP to Save the South London Line by emailing or writing to them.

    I have attached a briefing on the current situation, but in summary at present Transport for London are considering 5 possible options for alternative services to compensate our area for the loss of the South London Line which they still insist is unavoidable.

    Without your signatures and continuing stream of emails and letters to the press, to the Mayor and to the DfT Ministers I doubt whether we would have made so much progress. We have not yet saved the South London Line, but we have got some options including the restoration of the plans for the Victoria – Bellingham service, back on the negotiation table.

    This is still not satisfactory so the Campaign Group has published its own proposals. These are set out in the short report ‘The South London Line: The Vital Link’ which can be found here http://www.bellenden.net/sites/default/files/South%20London%20Line%20A%20Vital%20Link.pdf

    I hope that you will help keep up the pressure on this issue by writing again to the Mayor of London Boris Johnson mayor@london.gov.uk and the Transport Minister Sadiq Khan sadiq.khan@dft.gsi.gov.uk to reiterate to them the importance of the service, and supporting the proposals in the Campaign report.

    If you would like to help us keep you informed about the campaign and other transport issues please also join the mailing list for either the Southwark Rail Users Group (by emailing Eileen Conn on SRUG@southwarkrailusers.net) or the Lambeth Public Transport Users Group (by emailing John Stewart on johnstewart2@btconnect.com).

    For a comprehensive but easy to follow summary of the campaign actions, news, achievements and background visit the SRUG website: http://www.southwarkrailusers.net and click on *stop rail cuts campaign page*.

    Best wishes


    Valerie Shawcross AM
    LONDON Assembly Member
    Lambeth & Southwark

  5. I LOVE this map!

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  7. I went to the station today, after trying on the Bank Holiday and not being able to get there. As a railway enthusiast, I was checking the area out for when the East London Line get to Clapham Junction later in the year. I have put my views about the place on my blog at :-


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