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Graphic House on Southwell road – Submit a complaint


Hi Everyone

Graphic House on Southwell road is in the process of being cleared out by the church that has taken it over. This church does not seem to have planning permission for a change of use of this building. The building is huge inside which raises concerns about how many worshippers will be attending from far and wide. The only way for this to be stopped is through the planning system, this could take 2 years. The more of us who register a complaint the better! you can report a complaint here


there is a button to report a problem.

Thanks Naomi


To clarify, the people attending this ‘church’ were recently evicted from one on Coldharbour Lane opposite the shops in Loughborough Junction.

It appears that they are now living in the old printing works.

The church holds ‘services’ every Thursday evening and Sunday morning, which attracts a lot of noise and disruption.


Author: loughboroughjunction

The Loughborough Junction Forum is a grassroots organisation set up by local people to provide all members of the community with a way to improve the Loughborough Junction area. It is intended that it provides eyes, ears and a collective voice for the community. All participants are invited to provide accounts of what they see happening within the area and to share their concerns and ideas with the forum so that they can be collated and channelled to the relevant authorities.

3 thoughts on “Graphic House on Southwell road – Submit a complaint

  1. People need to complain and keep complaining every time they are disturbed. Complain to noice control as well and always copy your councillors into all correspondence. Here is a list of useful contacts.

    Contact Robert Dewhurst at Lambeth planning

    Report to environmental Health
    Day: 020 7926 6111 Eve: 020 7926 5999

    020 7926 9000 option Parking/2

    Herne Hill Safer Neighbourhood Team
    020 8649 2007/07881 511 386

    Please keep our COUNCILLORS informed of any problems
    Carol Boucher: cboucher@lambeth.gov.uk
    Jim Dickson: jdickson@lambeth.gov.uk
    Leanne Targett-Parker: ltargett-parker@lambeth.gov.uk

  2. The objection is to the Churches (apparently there are 2 using the building) taking over the premises and changing the use from B1 Business/Light Industry to DI Place of Worship under planning regulations. To do this without planning consent is illegal as it contravenes planning law. If the Churches had gone through the proper process and applied for a change of use and the local community didn’t object then fine we could welcome them with open arms. The church knows what it is doing and is deliberately working around the system, they will apply for change of use then appeal and will probably be with us for 2 years before they move on to the next place, meanwhile

    * The building will not be providing jobs in the area.
    * This is not religious bigotry or racism it is about a group operating outside the law in our community.
    * The Cambria has licensing law and can have it’s license removed the Churches operating illegally remain outside of this.
    * Take a look at Camberwell Road and see what the influx of churches has done for the local community’s employment, leisure and quality of life.
    * What are these Churches views on tolerance, other religions, homosexuality etc.

    While I may not agree with their views I defend there right to freedom of speech however not their “right” to occupy, illegally, commercial premises that should be valuable asset to the area.

    I understand that the you are upset by the graffiti and I agree that it doesn’t help the matter. Setting up churches is high on my list of problems in the area, shops and business premises are constantly being turned into yet another church all over LJ and Camberwell these are not for the local community, Sunday traffic and the number of poeple at bus stops will show you that worshippers travel from a wide area into Camberwell and LJ. This change of use takes away employment, recreation and shops for good, in my opinion this is not what LJ needs.

  3. The churches on Southwell Road think they can get away with this because the council has allowed places of worship in other local industrial spaces for years. If the council is not going to implement its own policies, then we are in a lawless ghetto and lawless ghettos have grafitti and flyposting. It could be argued that it’s an effective way of letting the church know it is not welcome and drawing the situation to the attention of the council.

    Would something organsied under the LJAG banner carry more weight with the council? Perhaps a meeting with representatives of the churches? A public meeting chaired by our ward councillors? Alternatively, could we have a rota of local people at service times collecting data about the number of vehicles, where they park, filming people arriving, recording noise levels and photgraphing the litter left on the pavement?

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