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Apex Promotions cold calling Camberwell & Herne Hill

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Be aware that a company called Apex Promotions are cold calling doors in the camberwell area. They explain that they’re offering `free, no obligation’ surveys of your exterior walls and that all your neighbours are well up for it. I know this as they knocked on my door a couple of weeks ago. Basically, they want to know if you own your home and will then push for you to provide contact details so that they can visit you and provide the survey. I (stupidly) gave them my details – thinking `what harm can it do if it’s free and no obligation’. Anyway I got a call from them last night and made an appointment for one of their surveyors to come over tonight at 7pm – but after my partner pointed out how odd it was that anyone thought they could do a proper survey in the dark I started to wonder if there was something dodgy going on. A quick internet search revealed that a lot of people were very unhappy with this company’s hard sell tactics. Seems that once the surveyor has his foot in the door he does his best to keep you for a good couple of hours, telling you that your house is structurally unsound and that their render and paint will solve the problem. He then offers an extremely high quote, in the region of £20,000 for a small terraced house to be painted. Sounds like they’ve already covered East Dulwich… http://www.eastdulwichforum.co.uk/forum/read.php?5,208826,208826 and are moving on to Camberwell and Herne Hill now. Needless to say once I found all this out, I called and cancelled the appointment immediately – I advise anyone else that has made an appointment with this company to do the same.

I often suspect that this world is full of people trying pull a fast one and rip me off — but it very rarely makes me happy to discover i might be right.


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