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Loughborough Junction: an unexpected laugh

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Discarded mattress against the park wall - with added wit!

Discarded mattress against the park wall – with added wit!

When is one’s person graffiti another person’s litter? On a fairly recent walk around the outside of Myatt’s Field Park I spotted this old battered mattress leant up against the wall. While there’s nothing funny about fly-tipping per se, the witty addition made me laugh out loud.

Of course the real graffiti artists would protest that simply spraying a witticism onto old furniture does not graffiti or art make.

(If you visit the site be sure to have a look Have a look at the annual Battle of Waterloo – a graffiti battle between London-based in the old tunnel in Leake Street).

Then again after visiting Tracey Emin’s last exhibition at the Haywood Gallery on the South Bank … it’s really hard to make those kinds of calls.

Whether the person who dumped the mattress was the ‘artist’ is unclear, and if it stays there for too long or is joined by lots of other ‘rubbish’ I will not be very happy about it – but in the short-term, thanks for the laugh!

Are there any other graffiti sites or witticisms you have spotted? What do you think about grafitti as an art form? Comment on the site or email and send photos to loughboroughjunctionblog.com









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