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Safer Lambeth Anti Burglary Advice

Can I (Karen Hunn – Met Police) please ask to again make sure everyone in your area takes note of the burglary advice and I have included this time the picture of a tool that has been used in letter box burglaries.

Also the evenings are drawing in and so for personal safety please stay in well lit areas, keep mobile phones and ipods etc out of view particularly around the transport hubs.

There has been an increase on Lambeth of this type of burglary. The perpetrator puts their hand/tools through the letter box and opens the door from the inside. This is an easy quiet access to premises.

Vehicles are being stolen from these venues as car keys are clearly visible.

When in your property at night double lock the door so a key is required to open the door and not just by using the handle inside.

Keep keys in a place all members of the family are aware of to open the doors in case of an emergency but out of sight of a burglar.

If you see anything suspicious please let us know;

In an emergency phone 999.

In a non emergency phone 0300 123 1212

Or your local Safer Neighbourhood Police Team

Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 allows you to report something anonymously



Neighbourhood Watch Manager
Community Safety Division
205 Stockwell Road
Tel; 020 7926 2716
Mobile; 07768 068281


Graphic House on Southwell road – Submit a complaint

Hi Everyone

Graphic House on Southwell road is in the process of being cleared out by the church that has taken it over. This church does not seem to have planning permission for a change of use of this building. The building is huge inside which raises concerns about how many worshippers will be attending from far and wide. The only way for this to be stopped is through the planning system, this could take 2 years. The more of us who register a complaint the better! you can report a complaint here


there is a button to report a problem.

Thanks Naomi


To clarify, the people attending this ‘church’ were recently evicted from one on Coldharbour Lane opposite the shops in Loughborough Junction.

It appears that they are now living in the old printing works.

The church holds ‘services’ every Thursday evening and Sunday morning, which attracts a lot of noise and disruption.


Proposed redevelopment of the Kings Car Park

Here is the link on the Lambeth Planning Site to the redevelopment of the Kings Car Park which is adjacent to Lilford Road Estate and Geoffrey Chaucer. Probably the largest scheme proposed in the area for many years.

This application is to build 108 affordable homes (social housing) on the
site of the Kings Car Park/ old Sunday Market site. The flats will be in 2
blocks filling the front of the site onto Coldharbour Lane and are all
proposed to be 8 storeys high. The highest buildings in the area are the
Lilford Estate and they are 5 storeys and set back – most properties are 2,
3, or 4 storeys high in the area. –

In an area with high levels of social housing (Lilford Estate, Winterbrook,
Thorlands, Geoffrey Chaucer and Crawford (over the Southwark Boundary)),
given the proposal to introduce a dispersal zone in this area, because of
already unacceptable crime issues, is such an intense development ideal?

Please look at the proposals and provide comment if you wish to Lambeth –
the DEADLINE is 4 August – which is when Lambeth anticipate making a
decision. I attach a couple of images.


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Saftey & Staffing at Loughborough Junction train station

I just had a look at my emails and found this information about the staffing of Loughborough Junction train station. (sign the petition here)

“Dear All

to alert you

There are plans afoot to close the Loughborough Junction Station ticket office from 12.45 noon weekdays and all day Saturday and Sunday

Obviously whilst no trains at the weekend that part of the move is acceptable as a temporary measure but the move to close at 12.45 noon all week is the thin edge of the wedge as it will make the station much less safe

There is a consultation document at the station
Asked to contact with your views by email to customer.relations. fcc@firstgroup. com or
First Capital Connect
Customer relations Department
PO Box 443

or Passenger Focus
PO Box 4257
M60 3AR

or London Travel\Watch
6 Middle Street
London EC1A 7JA

Suggest we advertise and inundate them with comments”

This seems like a fairly crucial point about the train station and would encourage you to pass this on and to take it up with the addresses above. and here ::  customer.relations. fcc@firstgroup. com


What would make Loughborough Junction a better place to live or work?

Following a recent Lambeth mailing that fell through our door (and yours?), I thought I would add the letter to the blog to try and get an idea of what you think the priorities in Loughborough Junction are. Lambeth have been very supportive of the LJAG (Loughborough Junction Action Group) and are keen to work with residents and businesses on resolving issues in the area.

If you are interested in getting involved with the continued improvement of Loughborough Junction then why not join the Loughborough Junction Action Group. LJAG  (Residents / Businesses Only)

Click Here and then select Join this Group

The Goals of the Action Group.

(i) Independent of the Council.

(ii) An Action group rather than a residents association

(a) as it includes business

(b) Don’t want the constraints attached to a Residents Association.

(iii) Strive for positive action not just complaints

(iv) To put Loughborough Junction on the map (as distinct from Brixton and Herne Hill).

(v) Foster the community around Loughborough Junction and celebrating the area

(vi) Include social events.

We ran a similar poll in May 08, click here to see the poll results.

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How can we cut knife crime in Camberwell?

Organised by the SE5 Forum for Camberwell www.se5forum.org :: 

Camberwell knife crime symposium

The Camberwell Knife Crime Symposium takes place at 6.30pm on Thursday 13th November 2008, arranged by SE5 Forum, at the Institute of Psychiatry, De Crespigny Park.  Download full details here.

Alternatively, download the flyer and distribute it to your neighbours, or put up theA3 poster with the kind permission of a local property owner or the local authority.


If you would like to attend please reply to

Barbara Pattinson at barbara@pattinson.org.uk

or 020 7274 8045