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Support our local shops !!

This all feels very wartime, but as things stand, our local shops are facing a major shortfall in income.

Due to the lack of passing trade, they are reporting 75% less takings, the Junction is a ghost town, there is almost no one in the centre.

Please can I make a special request to anyone that reads this that rather than make your weekly / daily shop at a large supermarket, can you take the chance to save some petrol and buy from our local shops.

They really need the trade, and if this carries on until March we may well see some go bust.

Thanks for your support.


Foxes, Lots of them!

I thought we were being burgled last night, crunching foot steps, and knocks and bashes at 3am. I got out of bed put the dressing gown on and walked down stairs expecting the worst. I peered outside to see three foxes, all standing on the roof of a car ( a small nissan micra ) fighting over some food that one of them had found. Even when I opened the front door, they all stood there on the car just looking without really careing and just carried on.    By the time I had come back with my camera to record this event, they had sloped off, one was on the neighbours shed, another in the road and the other had gone somewhere else. The fox I photographed saw me and walked over to see what on earth I was doing.

A Fox in Loughborough Junction

I dont know about you, but I have never seen so many foxes in Loughborough Junction / lambeth, they must be doing very well. Personally I find them threatening, bold, off hand etc etc and I wish that Lambeth would take it upon themselves to do something about the numbers. Clearly fox hunting is out, and that is probably why the council can not be seen to be culling them.

What do you think of the foxes?

Click here to see what Lambeth advise. Foxes in Lambeth


Proposed redevelopment of the Kings Car Park

Here is the link on the Lambeth Planning Site to the redevelopment of the Kings Car Park which is adjacent to Lilford Road Estate and Geoffrey Chaucer. Probably the largest scheme proposed in the area for many years.

This application is to build 108 affordable homes (social housing) on the
site of the Kings Car Park/ old Sunday Market site. The flats will be in 2
blocks filling the front of the site onto Coldharbour Lane and are all
proposed to be 8 storeys high. The highest buildings in the area are the
Lilford Estate and they are 5 storeys and set back – most properties are 2,
3, or 4 storeys high in the area. –

In an area with high levels of social housing (Lilford Estate, Winterbrook,
Thorlands, Geoffrey Chaucer and Crawford (over the Southwark Boundary)),
given the proposal to introduce a dispersal zone in this area, because of
already unacceptable crime issues, is such an intense development ideal?

Please look at the proposals and provide comment if you wish to Lambeth –
the DEADLINE is 4 August – which is when Lambeth anticipate making a
decision. I attach a couple of images.


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Thinking of buying or renting a house in Loughborugh Junction?

I was pleased to see this comment in Your LBJ,

“We are thinking of buying a house in Loughborough Junction as we have been totally priced out of Herne Hill – we have been looking there for 1.5 years with no success. It is such a shame that LJ does not have the cafes, pubs etc around the station that Herne HIll has somehow managed to cultivate over the last few years. It does not help that there is no supermarket at all – I think getting a Sainsburys would actually really help the area (although I hate to promote supermarkets!). The Cambria is a really good start – will anyone else follow? I would be keen to help with any campaigning that needs to be done.”

I wondered if you would like to comment on this and help Kate and anyone else that is in the same situation, which I imagine must be quite common.

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A New Year Note : 2009

We would like to thank everyone who has supported, contributed and read the Loughborough Junction Blog, it has been a busy year. It has been particularly exciting to be able to present and promote so many interesting events and businesses in the area as well as bringing attention to the more mundain things that just need sorting out.

I hope that in 2009 we can build on the good work already achieved with the LJAG group, local businesses, residents and the council.

Wishing you all a very happy New Year and every success for 2009.



What would make Loughborough Junction a better place to live or work?

Following a recent Lambeth mailing that fell through our door (and yours?), I thought I would add the letter to the blog to try and get an idea of what you think the priorities in Loughborough Junction are. Lambeth have been very supportive of the LJAG (Loughborough Junction Action Group) and are keen to work with residents and businesses on resolving issues in the area.

If you are interested in getting involved with the continued improvement of Loughborough Junction then why not join the Loughborough Junction Action Group. LJAG  (Residents / Businesses Only)

Click Here and then select Join this Group

The Goals of the Action Group.

(i) Independent of the Council.

(ii) An Action group rather than a residents association

(a) as it includes business

(b) Don’t want the constraints attached to a Residents Association.

(iii) Strive for positive action not just complaints

(iv) To put Loughborough Junction on the map (as distinct from Brixton and Herne Hill).

(v) Foster the community around Loughborough Junction and celebrating the area

(vi) Include social events.

We ran a similar poll in May 08, click here to see the poll results.

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Found this on my computer the other day. I think it probably dates from last year. I don’t remember writing it, though I must have done. This seems like the best place for it. I don’t have any pictures of ESOS alas.


This morning


This morning, like every year,

mid-October spoke to me in Elam Street Open Space.

The crisp yellow leaves said, listen to us crackle, look at our pointy fingers!

Of course there are leaves like us everywhere in every year,

but this year it’s our turn to be the crisp leaves in Elam Street Open Space

and it’s you we’re calling to.

The blue sky said, how blue does a moment have to be

for you to want to rescue it from time?

The sun said, it’s your cheek I’m warming,

and this is a now worth any other,

so do something!


But I thought of all the other mid-October days

and all the other people who’ve done their bidding.

I went home to dirty breakfast bowls

and a computer full of other people’s words.


Soon though it will be late November, when the leaves are always gone,

so, here – others or no – are this morning, and those leaves.