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Peace finally returns to Graphite House

Following a number of frustrating months for residents of Southwell Road, Lambeth council has finally evicted the Evangelical church from Graphite House.

Thanks to the efforts of a number of active residents and the Loughborough Junction Action Group, Lambeth council finally placed an eviction order on the church.

The last few days saw a totally new development. About half a dozen female church members were racing around on the flat back roof of “Graphite House” shouting to Jesus, exhorting the devil to leave my building, and blowing loud blasts on a long curled trumpet.

Witch craft is a popular ill to cure within evangelical churches and this ceremony was no doubt to “clean” the building of any evil spirits so exorcism’s could be carried out on witches. One does not need a very long memory to recall the horrific case of Victoria Climbie who was deemed to be a witch and died from her awful abuse at the age of eight.

Interestingly, Channel 4 broadcast a episode of Dispatches today at 8 with a number of hidden cameras finding out exactly what went on in these churches.

Britain’s Witch Children


There are at least 5 other similar churches operating within the area of Loughborough Junction. Are they all operating within the law?

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Graphic House on Southwell road – Submit a complaint

Hi Everyone

Graphic House on Southwell road is in the process of being cleared out by the church that has taken it over. This church does not seem to have planning permission for a change of use of this building. The building is huge inside which raises concerns about how many worshippers will be attending from far and wide. The only way for this to be stopped is through the planning system, this could take 2 years. The more of us who register a complaint the better! you can report a complaint here


there is a button to report a problem.

Thanks Naomi


To clarify, the people attending this ‘church’ were recently evicted from one on Coldharbour Lane opposite the shops in Loughborough Junction.

It appears that they are now living in the old printing works.

The church holds ‘services’ every Thursday evening and Sunday morning, which attracts a lot of noise and disruption.


Little harmony on day of rest: An Evangelical church in Loughborough Junction has disturbed the peace.

Southwell Road is known for its tight-knit, mixed community, it is an interesting and  dynamic street in Loughborough Junction. The sense of identity and community among locals remains strong. Into this tranquil street, a Evangelical church has opened in place of the old printers with no apparent concern for the neighbours and possibly with out any consultation with the local council.

Since the church started operating, there has been a flood of complaints from residents. First,  it was the antisocial hours or meetings which continued late into the night to around 2am, and when a local resident approached them to quiet down he was rebuffed with aggression. Then there is the noise from the Sunday service, which lasted for over 2 hours.  Then there were the problems with traffic and parking, and then finally the noises people make leaving the church.

Above all though, were the church organisers granted the change of use by the local council from a commercial space to a place of worship? If not, the Planning Department at Lambeth can restrict the use – (We are aware that they have been contacted). If a change of use is applied for, then the local residents have the opportunity to object.

The local residents whilst they have no objection to Evangelist churches are opposed to this church in such a residential and inappropriate street. Cars are parked across the pavements and noise emanates late into the night throughout the week and on Sundays, this is not a recipe for community cohesion.

Neighbours have contacted the Council to see if change of use was properly applied for and granted; many suspect it was not. With all best intentions we are hopeful that this can be resolved legally and amicably for the benefit of Southwell road.