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Brixton Station Road: Foodie heaven as Food Corner market launches on 7 June 2013

Food Corner market: bunny chow

A rather upmarket version of Durban’s famous ‘bunny chow’

Hanoi kitchen will be offering hot pots, spring rolls and vermicelli noodles

Hanoi kitchen will be offering hot pots, spring rolls and vermicelli noodles

The all-important map of how to get to the Food Corner market

The all-important map of how to get to the Food Corner market

As someone who lived and worked in Durban for four years I can’t wait to head down to the new Food Corner in Brixton Station Road and try out Bunnychow’s version of Durbs’ famous bread ‘n curry treat.

Their photos show a more upmarket version certainly but I am sure the gorgeous curry sauce-melting-into-the-bread effect will be the same.

Will the curries be as hot as some of the Durban delicacies? I’ll have to wait and find out – and try and find room for some of the other goodies on offer.

Brixton Station Road Community Market is bringing five new hot food traders to offer lunch time specials for around a fiver. Aside from Bunnychow there will be Pangea, offering a wide variety of street foods, Bare Bone Cue with slow, pulled pork, Hanoi Kitchen with Vietnamese dishes and Woodbox Pizza.

All of them sound delicious so I expect to be buffeted around a bit while queuing.

Tomorrow’s opening market will be running from 11.30am to 2.30pm, on the corner of Brixton Station Road and Pope’s Road.

Usual operating hours will be from Monday to Friday, 10am to 5pm and BMFT (Brixton Market Traders’ Federation) is aiming to develop the local market economy on week days.

Important news for local workers is that the BMFT will be offering a 10% discount to all Lambeth Council, Veolia Environmental Services, Police Station and Rec Centre staff who visit the Food Corner and show their badge/identification.

AND other organisations in Brixton can apply to join the discount scheme by emailing camila@brixtonmarket.net


So what do they say about the five food stalls?



The original urban Durban street food lands in the UK and debuts in Brixton. Little loafs hollowed out and crammed full of big global flavours. Big helpings of flavourful chicken, mutton, beef & vegetables all coated in bold delicious sauces served in award winning artisan little loafs.

Be one of the first to try the legendary bunnychow!



Twitter: @thebunnychow


Street flavours from every corner of the world, regularly changing the menu, adapting to seasons and creativity. Rice meals, burgers, grills, kebab, and a wide range of vegetarian options and salads.





Low & Slow super tasty Pulled Pork! Smoked over apple & cherry with our own spices, rubs, sauces in sourdough from Blackbird



Twitter: @BareBonesCue


Vietnamese hot pots, spring and summer rolls, and vermicelli noodles with a choice of beef, pork, prawn and vegetarian.



Twitter: @hanoikitchen


Woodbox offers sourdough ‘street’ pizzas similar to the ones found all over Naples& the surrounding area & beloved by Neapolitans. They make them in front of customers in a wood fired oven from the freshest, ingredients we can find. The sourdough pizza is made from a traditional recipe, freshly prepared and proved for 24 hours. Their ingredients are sourced from quality British producers.




Camila Cabral, Marketing Manager of BMTF said: “We identified that there was a demand in Brixton for more options of high quality food on the go during week days, with great taste and affordable prices. We expect the FOOD CORNER to be a success, and that we can offer more trading opportunities in the near future.”


Thinking of buying or renting a house in Loughborugh Junction?

I was pleased to see this comment in Your LBJ,

“We are thinking of buying a house in Loughborough Junction as we have been totally priced out of Herne Hill – we have been looking there for 1.5 years with no success. It is such a shame that LJ does not have the cafes, pubs etc around the station that Herne HIll has somehow managed to cultivate over the last few years. It does not help that there is no supermarket at all – I think getting a Sainsburys would actually really help the area (although I hate to promote supermarkets!). The Cambria is a really good start – will anyone else follow? I would be keen to help with any campaigning that needs to be done.”

I wondered if you would like to comment on this and help Kate and anyone else that is in the same situation, which I imagine must be quite common.

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Lambeth local development framework

Local resident Clare Neely has been checking out Lambeth’s Local Development Framework – draft Core Strategy  http://tinyurl.com/qsrvgw and found it contains a “one line mention of Loughborough Junction in one of the appendices”. She suggests the following paragraph should  be added:

Policy PN10A    Loughborough Junction

The council will support the role of Loughborough Junction as a small community focused district promoting local arts based and other businesses and services. The council will build on the very low car ownership in the area so Loughborough Junction becomes Lambeth’s flagship area for walking and cycling to local shops and businesses, Ruskin Park, local buses and Loughborough Junction Station. The council will promote urban realm improvements, including sculptures commissioned from local artists, and trees, throughout the Loughborough Junction area but particularly around the Coldharbour Lane retail area, Loughborough Junction station and at the junction of Coldharbour Lane withMilkwood Road and Loughborough Road.

In the absence of any objections Clare intends to send this paragraph to Lambeth for inclusion in their document. She says:

“Unless anyone has any violent objections I will write to Alan Vinall at the planning department and ask for this to be included and ask our councillors to back its inclusion.”

If you have any comments please post them.


What would make Loughborough Junction a better place to live or work?

Following a recent Lambeth mailing that fell through our door (and yours?), I thought I would add the letter to the blog to try and get an idea of what you think the priorities in Loughborough Junction are. Lambeth have been very supportive of the LJAG (Loughborough Junction Action Group) and are keen to work with residents and businesses on resolving issues in the area.

If you are interested in getting involved with the continued improvement of Loughborough Junction then why not join the Loughborough Junction Action Group. LJAG  (Residents / Businesses Only)

Click Here and then select Join this Group

The Goals of the Action Group.

(i) Independent of the Council.

(ii) An Action group rather than a residents association

(a) as it includes business

(b) Don’t want the constraints attached to a Residents Association.

(iii) Strive for positive action not just complaints

(iv) To put Loughborough Junction on the map (as distinct from Brixton and Herne Hill).

(v) Foster the community around Loughborough Junction and celebrating the area

(vi) Include social events.

We ran a similar poll in May 08, click here to see the poll results.


Fred Karno and the Clockwork Studios Grand Photographic Event

The Clockwork Studios are hidden away on Southwell Road, a quiet and elegant street which runs parallel with Coldharbour lane, there are some extraordinary buildings along the road, but none more prominent than the Clockwork Studios which towers proudly above its neighbours.  Located at 38 Southwell Road, the studios are home to a busy and energetic team of private artisans, who twice yearly open their doors to the public.

5-7 December 2008

The Clockwork Studio's Open Day 5-7 December 2008

The studios next Open Weekend runs from the 5th – 7th December, and you are invited to browse, discuss and buy the latest designs.

As a centenary event, Conor Masterson has proposed to shoot an extraordinary image celebrating the work and productions of Fred Karno at “The Fun Factory” as it was then known. Conor is a professional photographer and resident of Southwell Road, he is also a enthusiastic and out spoken community member and Co-secretary of the Loughborough Junction Action group. LJAG.

Fred Karno - The Fun Factory centinery photograph

Fred Karno - The Fun Factory centinery photograph - You are invited to help recreate this photograph at 11.15am on Sunday the 7th of December 2008

“I first saw a copy of it when I visited the Clockwork Studios and was being shown around almost 4 years ago by Noel, the landlord and ‘magician’ behind the studios. He showed me a series of black and white photocopies he had framed telling the story of ‘The Fun Factory’. These old photographs showed the house as it was in 1907 as well as behind the scenes images of the factory at work. At his peak Fred Karno was producing many different productions of his companies performances throughout the country and the world. The sets were built in the back yard, the trapeze artists practiced in the tall three story building and with a little imagination you can picture the slapstick routines, typical of Vaudeville, being worked out in and around the rehearsal rooms.”

Conor will be recreating the photograph  outside the ‘Fun Factory’ in 1907 celebrating the fact that the area and indeed the Clockwork Studios is still a vibrant creative community.The plan is to shoot the image at 11.15am on Sunday the 7th of December 2008. You are invited to help recreate this superb photograph 101 years on. Following this, at midday, The Clockwork Studios will be open for its Christmas ‘Open Day Studios’.

Essential Dates for your diary

Photo Shoot : 11.15am on Sunday the 7th of December 2008

The Clockwork Studio’s Open Days 5-7 December 2008

Websites ::

The Clockwork Studios

Conor Mastersons Blog

Conor Masterson Photography

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Local shops in Loughborough Junction

Loughborough Junction has come a long way in the past five years, new businesses have started up where the old haunts were shut down, but much of the shopping is the same but improved. There is a good range of shops, you can buy pretty much anything you need for day to day life but there is also a proliferation of low quality fast food shops and believe it or not hair dressers / nail bars. Why on earth does Loughborough Junction need 4 hairdressers. Some how the area needs to attract new and varied business.

Just a little further towards Camberwell, between here and the Sun & Doves, there is a stretch of shops that began to considerably improve about 3 years ago. This stretch now includes a Portuguese cafe / shop, a bed maker, newsagents, a pub, a pretty grim cafe, a dry cleaners, a music shop, a solicitors and there is space for more business too. Loughborough Junction on the other hand has 4 hairdressers, countless low quality fast food take away outlets, one quite decent supermarket, a good chemist, a green grocer, and a news agents / off license, three churches and a Vietnamese restaurant (which is actually quite good).

Is Loughborough Junction so on the road to nowhere that nobody wants to invest? It actually has quite a lot going for it, and certainly has more of a centre than the stretch of shops I mentioned above. The train station, (love it or hate it) attracts a lot of people, and the area itself is attracting more proffessional families. It seems to me that Loughborough Junction is ripe for investment. But please no more hairdressers.