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First Capital Connect changes to booking office hours

Dear Loughborough Junction

You may recall that you contacted us earlier this year in relation to the proposed changes to booking office hours by First Capital Connect. At the time we informed you that we had submitted a formal objection to the proposals on the basis that they would significantly reduce the ability of passengers to access rail products at the stations affected. In addition, we also stated that we were hopeful that the company would reconsider their proposals in the light of our and passengers’ concerns about the impact of their proposals. Continue reading

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Lambeth local development framework

Local resident Clare Neely has been checking out Lambeth’s Local Development Framework – draft Core Strategy  http://tinyurl.com/qsrvgw and found it contains a “one line mention of Loughborough Junction in one of the appendices”. She suggests the following paragraph should  be added:

Policy PN10A    Loughborough Junction

The council will support the role of Loughborough Junction as a small community focused district promoting local arts based and other businesses and services. The council will build on the very low car ownership in the area so Loughborough Junction becomes Lambeth’s flagship area for walking and cycling to local shops and businesses, Ruskin Park, local buses and Loughborough Junction Station. The council will promote urban realm improvements, including sculptures commissioned from local artists, and trees, throughout the Loughborough Junction area but particularly around the Coldharbour Lane retail area, Loughborough Junction station and at the junction of Coldharbour Lane withMilkwood Road and Loughborough Road.

In the absence of any objections Clare intends to send this paragraph to Lambeth for inclusion in their document. She says:

“Unless anyone has any violent objections I will write to Alan Vinall at the planning department and ask for this to be included and ask our councillors to back its inclusion.”

If you have any comments please post them.

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(from the Campaign’s flyer)

“Secret Deal to Cut Rail Services in Inner South London

It was discovered recently that there was a secret deal between TfL (Transport for London) and DfT (Department for Transport) to axe the planned Denmark Hill to Victoria service which would have originated in Bellingham. This service was to have been the poor compromise to compensate for the planned loss of the Victoria, Denmark Hill, London Bridge service – the South London Line (SLL) – in 2012. With the loss of SLL, passengers from Denmark Hill would have to travel to Clapham Junction and change there for Victoria! With the loss of the South London Line and the admission that Denmark Hill will be losing the proposed Bellingham to Victoria link we believe it is essential to campaign for the retention of the South London Line – London Bridge Denmark Hill Victoria service.”

To those concerned here are the links:-

Facebook Group – to join the campaign

Facebook Cause – help promote the cause by inviting your friends to join

Online Petition


Saftey & Staffing at Loughborough Junction train station

I just had a look at my emails and found this information about the staffing of Loughborough Junction train station. (sign the petition here)

“Dear All

to alert you

There are plans afoot to close the Loughborough Junction Station ticket office from 12.45 noon weekdays and all day Saturday and Sunday

Obviously whilst no trains at the weekend that part of the move is acceptable as a temporary measure but the move to close at 12.45 noon all week is the thin edge of the wedge as it will make the station much less safe

There is a consultation document at the station
Asked to contact with your views by email to customer.relations. fcc@firstgroup. com or
First Capital Connect
Customer relations Department
PO Box 443

or Passenger Focus
PO Box 4257
M60 3AR

or London Travel\Watch
6 Middle Street
London EC1A 7JA

Suggest we advertise and inundate them with comments”

This seems like a fairly crucial point about the train station and would encourage you to pass this on and to take it up with the addresses above. and here ::  customer.relations. fcc@firstgroup. com


What would make Loughborough Junction a better place to live or work?

Following a recent Lambeth mailing that fell through our door (and yours?), I thought I would add the letter to the blog to try and get an idea of what you think the priorities in Loughborough Junction are. Lambeth have been very supportive of the LJAG (Loughborough Junction Action Group) and are keen to work with residents and businesses on resolving issues in the area.

If you are interested in getting involved with the continued improvement of Loughborough Junction then why not join the Loughborough Junction Action Group. LJAG  (Residents / Businesses Only)

Click Here and then select Join this Group

The Goals of the Action Group.

(i) Independent of the Council.

(ii) An Action group rather than a residents association

(a) as it includes business

(b) Don’t want the constraints attached to a Residents Association.

(iii) Strive for positive action not just complaints

(iv) To put Loughborough Junction on the map (as distinct from Brixton and Herne Hill).

(v) Foster the community around Loughborough Junction and celebrating the area

(vi) Include social events.

We ran a similar poll in May 08, click here to see the poll results.