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Loughborough Junction’s Regeneration – Unfinished Work

Loughborough Junction’s current regeneration is down more in part due to the investment made by private individuals than the investment by the council. There have been improvements made but not so significantly that real change has happened. The new traffic calming speed humps that have proliferated throughout the area make for a more sedate speed of life and traffic, which is welcome, but what else have they done recently? The new Loughborough infants school looks superb, I cycle past every day, the kids look happy and are having fun but what about the main stretch on Coldharbour Lane?

Loughborough central has a long way to go and it wouldn’t take much to sort it out, some basic elements just need lying out on the table and sorting out. The first that comes to mind is the ghastly stretch of pavement that is so badly kept, and littered with bins, rubbish, adverts etc etc out side the train station. Secondly, street lighting, which seems so irregular on the main road area is inviting trouble. And what’s going on with all the empty shops, does nobody want to take them on or are there problems with the council and what they will allow? Its tragic that this small area is used and viewed by thousands of people every day. It is disheartening to see it so neglected.

Welcome to Loughborough Junction

Welcome to Loughborough Junction

Welcome to Loughborough Junction. The Pavement outside 206 Coldharbour Lane often with cars parked all over and rubbish dumped for all to see.

Jireks Chicken 206 Coldharbour Lane 02077331477
Celestial Church of Christ 204 Coldharbour Lane 0207370708
We have contacted the council and Thameslink who have both advised that this land belongs to the shops / church.