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No Green men outside the Green Man?

I had never liked the pedestrian crossings at the junction of Loughborough road and Coldharbour lane. They have always been dangerous and needed extreme caution when crossing. Sadly this has come to my attention whilst browsing the Camberwell forum, following an accident in which a pedestrian was hit by a truck in the morning rush hour. Apparently the junctions distinct lack of any safe crossings has been the cause of several similar accidents.

I wanted to follow this up, so I contacted Cllr Rachel Heywood, who was extremely helpful and interested in the accident and the crossing. This is the response she received from officers about this junction.

Regarding the residents enquiry, Yes we are looking at installing a pedestrian phase into these signals. Please note this is a complicated and lengthy process. We are intending to have the designs completed and the works commissioned next financial year – subject top design and approvals.

FYI we are also hoping to undertake the same pedestrian phasing at the Coldharbour/Moorlands junction.

She also suggested it is something to get on the agenda for the first meeting of a proposed new action group for the area.

This is already an issue, however it will become increasingly dangerous as young students use the crossing to get to the Evelyn Grace Academy on Shakespeare Road.

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