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Getting up to speed

The Loughborough Junction blog has been a tad inactive for a while. But it’s back … and will try and answer questions, provide room for issues to be debated and chat about the latest happenings in our area.

So please feel free to advertise your businesses innovations and creative ventures and also raise issues about the neighbourhood and we’ll try to get some answers – or at least provide details about how to get in touch with the relevant people.

There are new developments to keep an eye on, a slow but steady increase of interest in the area and great coffee and some good food to be had at the Beanery cafe.

As we’re not as up to speed as some of you about the area we will be making a point of visiting shops, checking out eateries and speaking to locals about the area.

If anyone has specific projects, shops or recommendations to make, please feel free!

For instance I already know I love Zest of India’s great cooking but am certainly willing to try more of their dishes in the interests of a review.

And oh yes, while Loughborough Junction is fairly clearly defined, we’ll still welcome posts about happenings in Brixton or Camberwell if they’re relevant. And link to all the sites we can think of…

Onwards and upwards