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Noise in Loughborough Junction

Wow, what a great party was held on Flaxman Road. It was a birthday party and the music and fun started at 4pm Saturday. What a legendary party everyone had such fun. That is everyone except the neighbors, not just in the near vicinity but also streets away. If you want to have a party and basically trash your neighbors peace and quiet which they have worked hard to enjoy, then damn you. Isn’t that what night clubs, bars, restaurants etc are for? Brixton has so many suitable spots to go.

To be fair this was the first party to be so noisy for many years, however our day was trashed as were many others which is clearly not so fair.

At least request that your neighbor turns their noise down but if that fails then ::

Lambeth Noise Control after 10pm 0207 926 611

Respect Your Neighbors! We don’t want to listen to your f-ing music.

A process to consider