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Community computer training at the Angell Delight Community Project on Angell Town Estate

Lynnette Sebuwufu and her Silver Surfer class details at the Angell Delight Community Project

Lynnette Sebuwufu and her Silver Surfer class details at the Angell Delight Community Project

I popped into the Angell Delight Community Project on Angell Town Estate to meet London Creative Labs (LCL) graduate Lynnette Sebuwufu who is been running a ‘Silver Surfers’ project – teaching over 50s (and anyone else) how to use computers and the internet.

The Project centre is an ideal venue for the class as it has four computers for use by residents and other amenities too.

With a Masters in IT and a strong interest in community engagement, Lynnette has enjoyed running the course on Wednesday mornings from 10am to 1pm.

When the project began in November last year it was funded, but that has now ended and Lynnette is looking for more financial support but is managing to keep the lessons going at the moment as she has committed to the project for two years.

“I am able to contribute to community cohesion and also get to engage with others as we have a discussion group before each tutorial,” she says.

With a small class who are keen to grow their online skills, the sessions have also provided a chance for neighbours and Angell Town residents to meet and have some amazing chats.

Class member Doreen said she had gained in confidence after attending the classes and was considering building up her Facebook page.

“Although I am not so sure about the time people spend on social media,” she laughs

A dedicated teacher, Lynnette pops in on other mornings too, to check if residents need help on the Angell Delight Community Project computers or have technical questions for her.

“I think it is better for people to work out their computer problems in this kind of community space where we can help them and not when they are at home alone,” she says.

Inspired by her attendance at courses run by Social Business (LCL), Lynnette is keen to keep building on the community structures already in place in Angell Town.

She’s inspired by LCL’s Sofia Bustamante who “still pops in when she can” and the organisation’s ethos of: creating the jobs and kind of work that we would want our children to have, discovering better business/other models to generate the jobs and work and helping more people participate in the process.

Angell Delight Centre co-ordinator Mary Ekenachi arrived mid-session. A seasoned organiser of numerous community events, she had been one of the key players in identifying residents who would benefit from and be interested in the project.

If you can suggest possible funding for Lynnette’s project, provide funding, want to find out more about it or would like to chat to her about it email her at lynsebu2005@yahoo.co.uk or pop into the centre at Unit B, Fairfax House, Overton Road

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Getting up to speed

The Loughborough Junction blog has been a tad inactive for a while. But it’s back … and will try and answer questions, provide room for issues to be debated and chat about the latest happenings in our area.

So please feel free to advertise your businesses innovations and creative ventures and also raise issues about the neighbourhood and we’ll try to get some answers – or at least provide details about how to get in touch with the relevant people.

There are new developments to keep an eye on, a slow but steady increase of interest in the area and great coffee and some good food to be had at the Beanery cafe.

As we’re not as up to speed as some of you about the area we will be making a point of visiting shops, checking out eateries and speaking to locals about the area.

If anyone has specific projects, shops or recommendations to make, please feel free!

For instance I already know I love Zest of India’s great cooking but am certainly willing to try more of their dishes in the interests of a review.

And oh yes, while Loughborough Junction is fairly clearly defined, we’ll still welcome posts about happenings in Brixton or Camberwell if they’re relevant. And link to all the sites we can think of…

Onwards and upwards


Uniquely Located

Loughborough Junction’s central location makes it a superb point to go pretty much anywhere in London, the train station offers trains to central London, 2 stops to the South Bank, St Pauls, Farringdon and beyond to St Albans. The other way offers direct trains to Streatham, East Croydon and Wimbledon. Within ten minutes walk you can be in Brixton, Camberwell or Herne Hill.

If you want to travel by bike you can be in the city within 20 minutes or if you are feeling energetic Crystal Palace is worth a trip for some super views across London. Within 30 minutes you can be cycling around Regents Park.

Here are some of my favorite destinations.

1) The South Bank. Two train stops to Blackfriars puts you within an easy walk of the Tate Modern, the Globe Theatre, St Pauls and the Museum of London and of course the South Bank itself. By the way I can highly recommend the Haddock & chips at the Tate Modern cafe. (amongst the best!)

2) On Friday or Saturday morning the 35 bus to London Bridge gets you to Borough Market for a gastronomic feast for the eyes and senses. It’s also worth a visit to Southwark Cathedral which dates back to the Domesday Book, and is now the resting place of the American Indian Mahomet Weyonomon who died of smallpox in 1735 whilst petitioning King George II and seek justice for his tribe in America.

3) Dulwich Woods – located just behind the golf course in Dulwich – google maps is the largest single part of the ancient Great North Wood still extant. If you want to get some peace and quite, fresh air and absolutely no idea that you are in London, then pay these woods a visit. I haven’t been for ages however it is always a great place to explore. It will be beautiful now before it gets too muddy.

Where do you like to go? Please add a comment to let us know.

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A quick tour of Loughborough Junction Sunday 24 August 08

It was such a nice day on Sunday that I thought a few shots of the area would be good to see, in particular where work has been in progress. It turns out that there has been lots of progress and there is still a significant amount of work in progress, so better still to come.

The most exciting to date is the work at the Cambria on Kemerton Street is now complete, and it looks fantastic! I have only seen it from outside, however they seem to have captured a mood in the pub, the lighting is subtle and tables are well spaced, I even saw people eating! Lets hope that this time the pub does well. I shall have to go for a pint and report further.

The second most exciting news is the park at Myatts fields, which is now turning the corner from building site to new park. The children’s playground is fantastic and as yet not too busy. It’s bright, fun and different. It’s a really exciting playground, with a good balance for kids of all ages. My only negative comment is the number of bikes that children are using (I counted 5) there are no signs as yet banning them.

The Mucky duck on Coldharbour lane is work in progress and hasn’t really transformed yet, nothing has happened with the green man or the warrior and the anchor has had a pink paint job on the wooden fence but no work seen. The pavement outside the train station is still as lethal as ever. What do you think is going to happen to the old vegetable shop near the bridge, I think it would make a fantastic flower shop!