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Local shops in Loughborough Junction

Loughborough Junction has come a long way in the past five years, new businesses have started up where the old haunts were shut down, but much of the shopping is the same but improved. There is a good range of shops, you can buy pretty much anything you need for day to day life but there is also a proliferation of low quality fast food shops and believe it or not hair dressers / nail bars. Why on earth does Loughborough Junction need 4 hairdressers. Some how the area needs to attract new and varied business.

Just a little further towards Camberwell, between here and the Sun & Doves, there is a stretch of shops that began to considerably improve about 3 years ago. This stretch now includes a Portuguese cafe / shop, a bed maker, newsagents, a pub, a pretty grim cafe, a dry cleaners, a music shop, a solicitors and there is space for more business too. Loughborough Junction on the other hand has 4 hairdressers, countless low quality fast food take away outlets, one quite decent supermarket, a good chemist, a green grocer, and a news agents / off license, three churches and a Vietnamese restaurant (which is actually quite good).

Is Loughborough Junction so on the road to nowhere that nobody wants to invest? It actually has quite a lot going for it, and certainly has more of a centre than the stretch of shops I mentioned above. The train station, (love it or hate it) attracts a lot of people, and the area itself is attracting more proffessional families. It seems to me that Loughborough Junction is ripe for investment. But please no more hairdressers.