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Peace finally returns to Graphite House

Following a number of frustrating months for residents of Southwell Road, Lambeth council has finally evicted the Evangelical church from Graphite House.

Thanks to the efforts of a number of active residents and the Loughborough Junction Action Group, Lambeth council finally placed an eviction order on the church.

The last few days saw a totally new development. About half a dozen female church members were racing around on the flat back roof of “Graphite House” shouting to Jesus, exhorting the devil to leave my building, and blowing loud blasts on a long curled trumpet.

Witch craft is a popular ill to cure within evangelical churches and this ceremony was no doubt to “clean” the building of any evil spirits so exorcism’s could be carried out on witches. One does not need a very long memory to recall the horrific case of Victoria Climbie who was deemed to be a witch and died from her awful abuse at the age of eight.

Interestingly, Channel 4 broadcast a episode of Dispatches today at 8 with a number of hidden cameras finding out exactly what went on in these churches.

Britain’s Witch Children


There are at least 5 other similar churches operating within the area of Loughborough Junction. Are they all operating within the law?

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Fred Karno and the Clockwork Studios Grand Photographic Event

The Clockwork Studios are hidden away on Southwell Road, a quiet and elegant street which runs parallel with Coldharbour lane, there are some extraordinary buildings along the road, but none more prominent than the Clockwork Studios which towers proudly above its neighbours.  Located at 38 Southwell Road, the studios are home to a busy and energetic team of private artisans, who twice yearly open their doors to the public.

5-7 December 2008

The Clockwork Studio's Open Day 5-7 December 2008

The studios next Open Weekend runs from the 5th – 7th December, and you are invited to browse, discuss and buy the latest designs.

As a centenary event, Conor Masterson has proposed to shoot an extraordinary image celebrating the work and productions of Fred Karno at “The Fun Factory” as it was then known. Conor is a professional photographer and resident of Southwell Road, he is also a enthusiastic and out spoken community member and Co-secretary of the Loughborough Junction Action group. LJAG.

Fred Karno - The Fun Factory centinery photograph

Fred Karno - The Fun Factory centinery photograph - You are invited to help recreate this photograph at 11.15am on Sunday the 7th of December 2008

“I first saw a copy of it when I visited the Clockwork Studios and was being shown around almost 4 years ago by Noel, the landlord and ‘magician’ behind the studios. He showed me a series of black and white photocopies he had framed telling the story of ‘The Fun Factory’. These old photographs showed the house as it was in 1907 as well as behind the scenes images of the factory at work. At his peak Fred Karno was producing many different productions of his companies performances throughout the country and the world. The sets were built in the back yard, the trapeze artists practiced in the tall three story building and with a little imagination you can picture the slapstick routines, typical of Vaudeville, being worked out in and around the rehearsal rooms.”

Conor will be recreating the photograph  outside the ‘Fun Factory’ in 1907 celebrating the fact that the area and indeed the Clockwork Studios is still a vibrant creative community.The plan is to shoot the image at 11.15am on Sunday the 7th of December 2008. You are invited to help recreate this superb photograph 101 years on. Following this, at midday, The Clockwork Studios will be open for its Christmas ‘Open Day Studios’.

Essential Dates for your diary

Photo Shoot : 11.15am on Sunday the 7th of December 2008

The Clockwork Studio’s Open Days 5-7 December 2008

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The Clockwork Studios

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