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  1. Hi, I’ve lived around LJ for 3 years now (Milkwood Road, and now Flaxman Road) and its nice to see this site so hopefully there can be some sort of community (online or otherwise) that doesnt revolve around fried chicken. I think the main things I wonder about are:
    – are we going to get some traffic lights at the junction of Loughborough Road and CH Lane?
    – is the pavement outside the station going to be fixed?
    – what the hell is happening to the Green Man and The Warrior?
    – can we have some public bins please, for all the chicken bones and polystyrene food trays?
    – how do we get rid of that horrible revolving advert board outside the station?

    That is all

  2. Hi all
    The Eastern Tree on Coldharbour Lane is planning a ‘community’ night on 8th October. They’ve planned it in collaboration with two local residents, I understand, to create an event where local people can meet and get to know each other. There’s a small poster on the door of the restaurant with the details – if I remember correctly it’s £10 a head for as much as you can eat. We use this restaurant regularly, it’s a really friendly local restaurant with good food so I would encourage everyone to support it and this great opportunity.

  3. Thanks for the putting up the photos of Ruskin Park – and the earlier ones of Elam St Open Space, which is a place I’ve become very fond of over 10 years of walking through it every morning with children on the way to school, watching the old pond slowly dry out, the mock-Japanese bridge crumble, and the trees change colour with the seasons. Although it does now have the fitness equipment (complete with slightly alarming 2D figures lurking just inside the gates – what are they for???) it isn’t officially a ‘park’ and was so long neglected that I had the feeling no one cared about it at all. It isn’t in a very reassuring place and seems to be a favourite haunt for people with fighting dogs, but neither dogs nor people bother anyone else and it does have some very beautiful trees, not to mention now some interesting reeds and stepping stones to play on in the latest attempt at a bog garden where the pond used to be (presumably there must be some water there somewhere, though why and how much is anyone’s guess). For those who don’t know it, it runs beside the railway line, between Gordon Grove and Lilford Road. Worth at least one visit a season I’d say.

  4. Camberwell Post Office

    Hi there. great site by the way, lovely to see a community get together!

    I was wondering if anyone has had any hassle at the Camberwll Post Office? I have to go there regularly and I finally sent a letter of complaint in about the staff and the conditions. If you have had a similarly bad experience then please complain. Without boring you too much the response I had was that they will look into the abuse I recieved there. I think they place has become almost institutionally run down and the staff have given up to the point where they view the customers as the enemy. Its very frustrating as the brixton one is almost as bad. I have started to go to Blackfriars now instead.

    I’m looking forward to a walk in Ruskin again soon after seeing the photos and hearing Trista enthuse! I have one or two Ruskin photos on my website:
    http://www.conormasterson.com 8th pic in ‘People 1’ and 1st pic in the ‘Music’


  5. Some of the LBJ residents may be interested in a new internet resource for gay people and their friends, http://www.gaycamberwell.com

    We set up this resource to bring together information about all the great things happening in the Camberwell area and to help people socialise locally… and we extend as far as LBJ (particularly fond of the Red Gate Gallery). We have a calendar of local events (gay and of potential interest to gay people or others), reviews, a blog and messageboard. We hope you find it useful! And if you know of any relevant events in the area, do let us know.

  6. You can subscribe to receive noticifation of planning applications within 500m of a postcode at http://www.planningalerts.com

  7. LB should be the epicentre of regeneration. It connects Herne Hill, Brixton, Camberwell and Kennington, all areas are way ahead in terms of regeneration. All it needs is someone to turn The Green Man or Warrior into a pub like The Cambria and the whole area would take off.
    Also, what is happening with that pathetic bit of hedge in the central grass with the advertising boards around it. What is the point of it?, we need a large tree or a sculpture and some plants to make it a focal point. Are there no gardening groups or urban gardeners to take it over if the council won`t?

  8. Great idea, Anna Noble (although I can’t think of the bit of land you are talking about?)

    If the council isn’t interested, perhaps a local group should take control? I’d definately be up for a bit of guerilla gardening, and I reckon I know another 4/5 people who would be keen to join. We would need direction though – none us has any gardening know-how.

    Is there anyone else with gardening expertise reading this blog who’d be up for managing this project?

    This website could be a good starting point http://www.guerrillagardening.org/

  9. I know the plot of land you mean. Anna, it’s diagonally opposite the Green Man, on the junction of Milkwood and Coldharbour. It’s where the row of houses along Coldharbour Lane stop abruptly. It’s a rectangular piece of land with advertising hoardings around it and a surprisingly well kept bit of grass but nothing else. I would be well up for doing something with it. Guerilla Gardening is the solution!

  10. Anna, Anna and Stefan

    I would be very keen to be involved with getting that space filled with plants! Would it be possible to plan a meet-up to discuss how it should be done, what to plant where, and contacts that could help with guidance? I would suggest the Cambria, as I think that currently it is the closest pub (lamentably). My guess is that since we are already 4 people interested, one or two more could be critical mass (for the first stage!). That leaves the question of the what (plants/compost/tools etc) and how. I could provide access to knowledge, I think, as well as my own two hands.

    Any one up for this? If we managed to get stuff in there at the end of the month, it could be blooming by March/April!

    Just to make sure – is this the space?

  11. Hello Anna, Anna, Stefan and Elisa,

    would you be interested in joining the email group for the Loughborough Junction action group? If so please visit http://groups.yahoo.com/group/loughboroughjunction/ and click on ‘join this group’.


  12. Hello all.

    We have now been living on Coldharbour Lane near Loughborough Junction for 3 years, in one of the beautiful terraces previously owned by the dreaded John Beaumont! After two years of painstaking restoration it has finally been returned to it’s former glory. We are now in the process of writing a book on the history of our house and the area. We have found some interesting facts, such as the original name of our terrace, which disappeared many years ago – Harbour Terrace. We are hoping to get permission from the council to have a new plaque mounted on the building, so as to ensure this name isn’t lost forever. Also the Eastern Tree restaurant on the corner has a great story to it, formerly known as The Enterprise pub, which was extensively bombed in WW2. We would love to hear any information or photos anyone may have of the area, between the year the houses were built (1865) and now. Especially the early 1900’s are difficult to find out about so any suggestions would be gratefully received!


    Ps The guerilla gardening is a great idea – I’m in!

  13. Would love to get your opinions on the restaurants on Coldharbour Lane – any worth a visit?

  14. What is happening with the green man in July?

  15. Apparently the council are taking it over as a community hub, it is part of a drive to give the area a focus, the intention is to redevelop the crossings to provide safer access. It doesn’t look like much is going on and to be honest Lambeth said they would do something last year, still no change so I have little confidence in the latest announcement. If you hear anything else then please let us know.

  16. Hello

    We are thinking of buying a house in Loughborough Junction as we have been totally priced out of Herne Hill – we have been looking there for 1.5 years with no success.
    It is such a shame that LJ does not have the cafes, pubs etc around the station that Herne HIll has somehow managed to cultivate over the last few years. It does not help that there is no supermarket at all – I think getting a Sainsburys would actually really help the area (although I hate to promote supermarkets!).
    The Cambria is a really good start – will anyone else follow?
    I would be keen to help with any campaigning that needs to be done.
    Kate E

  17. You would think that with all the regeneration of Walworth and Elephant & Castle there would be a bump on effect to LJ.

    Fingers crossed.


  18. In response to the people thinking of buying in LJ-
    I could not afford a house in Brixton and so moved to LJ. I was told by the estate agent that the area was getting a Tesco in THe Green Man pub site, still waiting!. LJ is a strange place, I am amazed at how safe and quiet it is, but on the other hand it seems like a ghost town with everything shut. I am hoping it will become an extension of Brixton as oppossed to herne Hill as it has the potential to be a lot more eclectric and vibrant. I would recommend you buy a house here and wait and see!

    LJ has the potential to be alot better than herne Hill as it has more of a Brixton feel about it. I don`t think it will ever be like East Dulwich or Herne Hill as it is a lot more vibrant and edgy if you know what I mean. The Cambria is an example of this!. Hopefully it is only a matter of time before things start opening up again.

  19. Hi all,
    I’m looking for someone to play tennis with on weeknights up at the courts at Ruskin Park. I’m not very good (my serve and backhand in particular are not the best) but I can play a bit and will at least be enthusiastic. Anyone keen?

  20. Hi, Can anyone recommend a local company to convert a loft or basement in Lougborough Junction. Thanks Julia

  21. Hi Julia,

    our neighbours used a company called Absolute Lofts, who did a very good job – better than the people who did ours! I haven’t got the details but they are easy to google.


  22. Hi

    I’ve lived in LJ for about 18 months now and love the fact it’s half way between Brixton & Camberwell – perfect!

    Anyway, I’ve also had an interest in LETS – the Local Exchange Trading Scheme – for ages and thought I’d mention it in case anyone else is interested. In essence it’s a local community-based mutual aid network in which people exchange all kinds of goods and services with one another, without the need for money. There’s a London-wide website you can sign up to – http://london.letslink.org/ – the more people who are interested in swapping skills the better. Plus if enough folk around LJ sign up it would be a great way to share skills within the LJ community specifically.

  23. What is everyone’s favourite Loughborugh Junction restuarant (excluding The Cambria)? I’ve been a local resident for two years and barely tried any of them so would love to hear which places you rate.

  24. Takeaways – #1 I’ve tried the Eastern Tree a couple of times and thats pretty good. #2 Wang Fa is bog standard Chinese takeaway but the people are nice so I always feel well disposed towards them. #4 The Indian place (Zest?) made me ill. #5 DLish is ok but overpriced and my rice ‘n peas had 0 peas. #3 Asya is a good chippy. Good battered sausages and chips are…chippy. #7 the 2 fried chicken/kebab places by the Warrior and the Green Man are just terrible. The one adjacent to the Green Man served up the worst chips I’ve ever had. They stank of smelly feet dipped in stale fat. I had 1 and was nearly sick. Horrible gristly chicken burgers too. #6 the Chinese and kebab/chippy on Millkwood Road are both incredibly ordinary.

    I’ve never been desperate enough to try Control Tower or Blessed but maybe I’m missing out?

  25. Why is there no pizza place? What about a Pizza restaurant in one of the empty pubs?. In fact what about anything at all in them!

  26. In terms of this LJ party, is this not a receipe for disaster in terms of potential damage to my house? Not keen on the idea personally and am not sure that the LJ community needs it. It’s not that I don’t like a party – believe me I do but perhaps not in the street when I am not sure of the number of participants or their identities.
    A proper proposal needs to be put into place with agreements on time limits, location, police presence etc.

    I have been a reident of 15 years in the LJ area and have enver experience too many issues but it is always best to be prudent when it comes to these sorts of arangements.

  27. Hello, i have recently moved into LJ, Kemerton Road just a few doors from the cambria, which I was pleased to discover has become a real community hub. I am a community development worker for London and Quadrant Housing Trust working in North East London and passionatly believe in this kind of community organisation whiich really do make a positive contribution to their local neighbourhood. given that i preach this kind of involvement to our residents everyday i thought it would be good to get ivolve in my local community, so i was just wondering when the next meeting of LJAG is and where, i would really like to come along and get involved.

  28. Loughborough Junction (Brixton) Low Carbon Zone. (LCZ)

    Lots of things proposed, including a Combined Heat and Power plant for the Loughborough Estate.

    I received the invitation below but am unable to go to the planning meeting. Would anyone else be interested? Also would someone post it to the LJAG e-list which I have a google glitch with at the moment and cannott post to. Many thanks.

    Dear Clare
    …. I would like to invite you to a meeting
    URH/Loughborough TMO on Wednesday at 2pm (at the Loughborough Centre
    board room), to start planning the LCZ launch event. We have scheduled
    20 March – a Saturday, 2-5pm. I would very much like local residents to
    help plan the event, so it would be great if you could join us, or if
    you could suggest it to any of your neighbours who might be interested.
    Please do let me know.
    All the best

    Susan Sheehan
    Green Community Champions Officer
    Sustainability Unit
    Public Realm Division
    Housing, Regeneration & Environment
    London Borough of Lambeth
    phone: 020 7926 7672
    fax: 020 7926 6201
    email: SSheehan@lambeth.gov.uk

  29. Does anyone know what the builders are doing on the site of the old pub/club oppositre SUNSTAR SHOP on Coldharbour Lane?

  30. no?? Thats the old mucky duck isn’t it? – There was some work going on ages ago, but it seems to have halted. I was pleased to see that the Eastern Tree is going Brazilian, what perfect timing for the Loughbotugh Junction street party.

  31. NO, I think it was The Warrior pub/club (opposite The Greenman with the new flats above) and the builders are in there again.

  32. Call for enforced 20 mph in Loughborough Junction. 2 way roads for cycling to discourage through traffic and encourage people to walk and cycle

    I think it is only Coldharbour Lane and Herne Hill Rd which are not 20mph, Loughborough Rd is and most of the minor roads in the area, and I see that Lambeth are putting in more traffic calming on HHR, in line with the school travel plan, which leaves C’harbour Lane, currently at 0mph.

    Also there are a few irritating one way streets for cycling, Cambria Rd, Flaxman Rd, Western Rd all could easily be changed to 2 way working via a point no entry with cycle by pass. Probably more use for people living on those roads who drive as it would be 2 way on the road but only one way out of the area.

    Can I also suggest that for Southwell Rd area that rather than the current one way that is being campaigned for there is a point no entry with cycle bypass at the Junction with Cambria Rd. That would mean 2 way working for cars within the area but only one way for cars driving through If it was me living in the Southwell Rd area I would ask for a Cambria Rd under the bridge style gate for emergency vehicles only as areas that do not have through traffic tend to have lower burglary rates.

  33. Hello Everyone,

    My name is Victor and I live on Cambria Road.

    I am part of a group which has started a campaign to restore a cinema/cultural/community venue to Camberwell Green. The ex-Gala Bingo Hall on Camberwell Road (a grade II listed building) was closed down at extremely short notice last week by GalaCoral group. They decided to sell the building in private to an evangelical church – without even having the courtesy to ask the local community beforehand our opinions…Please visit our facebook page or webpage and see what you think. If you like what you see then support our campaign and lobby Southwark Council (and Lambeth) because the building lies right on the boundary line between both local authorities…We may be able to delay the sale (scheduled March 1st) – Send emails to your Local Councillors,MP’s and even Boris Johnson. There is a cut and paste template on website to do this.

    Kindest Regards,

    Victor Ferreiro (Cinema for Camberwell Green)

    Facebook Search “Cinema for Camberwell Green”

    webpage: http://www.camberwellcommunitycinema.webs.com/

  34. Hi, We just moved to Loughborough Junction from Herne Hill and have some stuff to move, can anyone recommend a trustworthy man and a van who can help us. We have a fridge, wardrobes, beds, tables and chairs to move! Thanks

  35. Emily, I have used a very professional local man and a van called Hafiz. We have used him on several occasions for deliveries and collections in Camberwell and Brixton area, he has always arrived on time, does the job with a minimum of fuss and is courteous and polite. I can highly recommend him and his long wheel base van. His number is 07877 953 483. Welcome to Loughborough Junction. Nick

  36. Can you please put the meeting minutes on.

  37. I am wondering how to vote in the elections, which councillors will best serve L.B.?
    Labour or Green?

  38. Why not ask your local candidates whether they are supporting the SE5 Forum Business Manifesto for Camberwell and its Residents?


    If you like the approach of putting policies in place which restore local employment and thriving local businesses over time, why not print the Business Manifesto Poster on your home printer and take it to your local shops for display in their shop windows? You can already see copies in Chave do Douro on Coldharbour Lane, Bob’s Bicycles on John Ruskin Street, and many businesses in-between.

    Click to access ManifestoPoster2.pdf

    The Manifesto has proved popular with small businesses. This is an approach which deserves to be tried. Grant funding alone doesn’t work, as the 8 empty shops at Bellenden Road prove.

  39. Local (based in Bizspace Centre, Coldharbour Lane) not for profit company Embrace Cooperation Ltd (www.myembrace.org)is looking to develop a community project based in Ruskin Park (SE5). Embrace is working with Lambeth Parks & Greenspaces, Friends of Ruskin Park and various other local community groups. Embrace wish to create a project that look will at the historic and natural heritage of the park.

    They hope the project will offer

    • 10 free public events including nature ID walks, nature photography walks, practical nature conservation events and history walks.

    • Free environmental education activities for schools, community groups & youth groups.

    Plus project volunteers will create

    • An oral history of Ruskin Park, interviewing long-time residents about their memories and also researching the history of the park.

    • A small booklet with brief history of the park, information about the park facilities, nature / wildlife and a map of the park.

    • A sign about the history of John Ruskin (famous artist, writer and social campaigner, who lived nearby from 1823 to 1871 and who the park is named after. The finished sign would then be placed in Ruskin Park.

    Embrace Cooperation Ltd would like to consult with local people with regard to what activities they would like to have included in the project. To help Embrace achieve this they would like people to do on online questionnaire.

    If you are a representative of a local community group or school and you able to support this proposed project, through providing us with evidence of your members/students interest in taking part. Embrace would be grateful and would contact you if the project funding is successful to run tailor made activities for your members/students.

    Please contact Embrace Cooperation Ltd for more information

    Email john.c@myembrace.org

    Phone 02072749450

    Information previous Embrace Cooperation Ltd community projects
    Embrace Environmental website http://embraceenvironment.wordpress.com/

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    I recently sent an email to Lambeth (quoting Health & Safety) to clean the pile of rubbish which was building up outside the garage at 1a Flaxman Road …it was cleared within a week, and they have done a good job.

    Perhaps we should start complaining more often when we see piles of rubbish as it only took a few minutes, and helps to keep our area looking nice. :o)

    The online link for dumped rubbish is:

  42. I’m all for that, I recently complained about all the bins all over the foot paths, – they didn’t take much attention though and I never heard back. Sad as the place looks a mess with them all over the place.

  43. Does anybody have an update on the Tesco Express application for the former Warrior pub building on Coldharbour Lane? I saw the planning document, anybody know when/ whether it will be approved?

  44. The launch of The Cambria Community Market, on Saturday, was a huge success! The Cambria Gastro Pub in Camberwell is the weekly one-stop-shop for meat, fish, fruit & veg, cheese, cake, homemade fresh bread & homemade fresh pasta. Not to mention the eclectic stalls for everything else, such as vintage clothing, arts & crafts, antiques, collectables, flowers, children’s ceramic hand prints, tarot, massage and much more!

    We had excellent feedback on our meat stall, as our holder is prepared to order whatever you want (even if she doesn’t stock it on her stall) for you to collect the following Saturday. Aimi buys all of her produce fresh from Smithfield’s Market every Saturday at 5am!

    The locals came out in force to support local businesses and sellers; as well as our charity stalls.

    The BBQ was much appreciated, with burgers for meat eaters and veggies!

    Come along next Saturday, and every one after, from 10am – 4pm for another spree.

    New stall holders and face painting next week! If you would like to be a stall holder please contact Alanna on alannalauder@yahoo.com

    The Cambria
    40 Kemerton Road
    SE5 9AR

    0207 7373 676

  45. It maybe old news now but I went to loughborough park the other day and …….wow pedestrain crossing congrates to all those involved in making that happen at the junction of green man great now I feel really safe crossing the road

  46. Hello,
    I’m wanting to raise my concerns about the behavior of some of the local beggars who hang around the station and the general Coldharbour Lane area. I would assume that most local residents are familiar with certain regulars who will generally just ask for money but then be on their way without hassling you too much. However, there are a few others who in recent weeks have given me cause for concern for my safety. Just before Christmas when walking through Camberwell late at night I encountered a white, middle aged bearded man asking for money, when I said I didn’t have any change he proceeded to follow me down the road and grabbed my arm dragging it down with him as he went to kneel on the pavement. As a young woman walking home on my own I’m sure anyone can understand that a stranger coming up to you grabbing your arm and following you down the street is not the nicest experience. Then in the week leading up to Christmas I encountered him again, he had started appearing where the guy who sits on the wooden plant box outside the shop usually hangs out. Again, I was making my way home on my own in the evening and he started hassling me. Although he did not grab me, he proceeded to follow me down the road repeatedly asking for money to the point where I started to feel concerned about approaching my front door in case he threatened me. This was an uncomfortable experience and left me wondering about what residents can do when this sort of thing happens to stop people like this from over stepping the mark. Then the other evening I encountered an even worse guy. I was walking with a friend in the early evening towards Camberwell and saw a black male with greyish facial hair probably approaching middle age ahead of us hanging around outside the flats with the fluorescent balconies and acting erratically jumping around. I assumed he might be a jogger ‘warming up’ or something, but as we got closer to him he started asking us for money and before we had really had time to reply he started saying we were “rude” for “ignoring” him. I immediately recognized this as a friend of mine had told me about being hassled by a guy who said the same things to him a few months back. When we said that we were in a hurry to get somewhere as we in fact were he came closer repeatedly asking for money, so close in fact that I had to to put my hand in between him and myself as he was pushing up against me tying to reach over to my friend. I repeated that we were in a rush to get somewhere before he turned around in my face and shouted “shut your mouth” stop your “whining voice”. We had to run into the road to get away from him as he continued to follow us, from the aggression he showed towards me and lack of concern for invading our personal space I felt that if either of us had reacted to him he would have physically assaulted me. This experience has knocked my confidence in being able to go out on my own in the local area as I am particularly worried about encountering this guy again. Shortly after the incident occurred my friend who was with me told me that they too had encountered him on a previous occasion asking for money for a train up north. People like this, though obviously finding themselves in desperate and distressing situations of their own through either drug abuse or mental health issues, are dangerously ignoring the boundaries of appropriate behavior and I wonder whether there could be a more constructive community led initiative developed to help stop violent and aggressive people like this from bringing down the area.

  47. I haven’t personally experienced anything like this in the area but agree the encounters sound rather frightening – especially if you are on your own. I will hopefully be able to get some feedback from our community police officers and relevant neighbourhood watch members about the issue and what the best course of action may be.

    Thanks for your post Ann! Feeling safe in our streets is incredibly important for all of us.

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