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The Cambria Pub, Kemerton Road, Loughborough Junction

Well, I’ve just been to our new local, definitely designed with attitude, the interior decor is sumptuous in design with big and bold floral wall paper, crystal chandeliers hang every few metres and candles burn around the bar. The pub furnished with handsome chairs of varying design from Louis XIV through to the present day. The bar itself clad with red leather upholstery with deep buttons to accentuate its curves, supports a huge range of newspapers.

The choice of beers on tap was also impressive, I’ve never see so many favorites, Leffe Blond, Charles Wells, Guinness, and the list goes on. I had a Leffe, crisp and cold and perfectly served. We looked at the Sunday menu, it looked good, certainly with plenty of things to tempt you and not unreasonably priced. I just hope that the small unusually placed kitchen can live up to the menu. All in all definitely worth a visit.

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