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Our Councillors in Loughborough Junction

The links below are to the contact details and brief notes on each of the Loughborough Junction Councillors. The area is split between the Herne Hill ward and the Coldharbour Ward so we have 6 representatives!

SE5 / SE24 Herne Hill Ward

SW9 Coldharbour Ward

* Councillor Donatus Anyanwu Labour

* Councillor Rachel M Heywood Labour

* Councillor Sharon Malley Labour

The Lambeth website describes their role as follows

“Metropolitan and unitary authorities and London boroughs provide all local services in their areas. In two tier areas responsibility is split between the county council (education, strategic planning, passenger transport, passenger transport, highways, fire, social services, libraries, waste disposal) and the district council (housing, planning applications, leisure & recreation, waste collection, environmental health, revenue collection.”

If you have a particular issue, then these are the people to contact. Please let us know how you get on.