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Top Priority in Loughborough Junction

The last poll that I ran looked at the top priorities in Loughborough Junction, it gave you the opportunity to select the main issue in the area. I gave five options, and as at the 26th August 08 the results are as follows

Empty Shops & pubs 57%

Crime 0%

Litter 0%

Noise 0%

Bad Pavements 29%

Other 14%

I think that the results are fascinating and particularly interesting in that it may show how much the area has improved by looking at the options that were not selected. 0% thought crime, noise or litter was a priority, so for the person that searched “Loughborough Junction is it safe” can rest assured that, yes according to our poll, Loughborough Junction is a pretty safe place. I certainly do not feel threatened in the area, in general 99% of the time our neighbors are as quiet as mice although when we moved here 6 years ago noise was a major issue. Litter I think is not a huge issue as the council are very diligent but I hate the bins stacked down the pavements and bags of recycling piled up down the street.

The biggest issues were empty shops & pubs 57% and bad pavements 29%. I don’t know why the shops have taken so long to attract new business’s, the strip between the supermarket and the house clearance shop have been shut for years, every now and then I see a some signs of work but as yet they remain firmly shut. The Mucky duck has been sold and something appears to be happening. The Green Man and the Warrior are crucial to the regeneration of the cross roads area.

The second biggest issue is the bad pavements, I certainly know which strip of bad pavement most of you are thinking about. Any sensible business would have it sorted out, however the shops beside the train station seem determined to be sued by someone falling.

14% percent of you opted for the wild card “other”. I’m fascinated to know what you think the top priorities are.

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Noise in Loughborough Junction

Wow, what a great party was held on Flaxman Road. It was a birthday party and the music and fun started at 4pm Saturday. What a legendary party everyone had such fun. That is everyone except the neighbors, not just in the near vicinity but also streets away. If you want to have a party and basically trash your neighbors peace and quiet which they have worked hard to enjoy, then damn you. Isn’t that what night clubs, bars, restaurants etc are for? Brixton has so many suitable spots to go.

To be fair this was the first party to be so noisy for many years, however our day was trashed as were many others which is clearly not so fair.

At least request that your neighbor turns their noise down but if that fails then ::

Lambeth Noise Control after 10pm 0207 926 611

Respect Your Neighbors! We don’t want to listen to your f-ing music.

A process to consider