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Bike Week BBQ Thursday June 18th 5 pm to 8 pm Ruskin Park

As part of Bike Week events http://www.bikeweek.org.uk/ Lambeth Council are holding a Bike Week BBQ in Ruskin Park, looking forward to seeing everyone there, even if you are not cycling at the moment.

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“We are Loughborough Junction” Portrait project

The final shoot day for the “We are Loughborough Junction” Portrait project is this Sunday 19th April, in Ruskin Park. If you want to take part (and we want you to take part that’s why I am e-mailing!!) then skip to the end for the timings and shoot details, all will be repeated on Conor’s blog too.

The story so far..

Loughborough Junction had a rough ride last year which came to a head with a murder on Northlands Road. However, some good things have come from this as there has been a formation of a residents association in the form of LJAG (the Loughborough Junction Action Group, see below, linked on the local website) as well as a pulling together of people in the community.

As a way of attracting attention to Loughborough Junction, LJAG and to foster a sense of community identity Paul Adlam had the idea, last year,  of shooting a portrait series of people in the community and putting on an exhibition this Summer on the streets. We are calling it “We Are Loughborough Junction”. I am taking the photographs working with Paul and Matty Matteson. We have already shot a full day of portraits on Southwell Road which drew over 50 people as well as an afternoon beside the train station which drew in 25 more locals. This Sunday is your last chance to take part before we begin preparation for an exhibition on 21st June. I have photographed approximately 85 people so far and would love to get closer to 200.

The Details are:

Sunday 19th April from 1pm until 6.30 in Ruskin Park near the Tennis courts on the North side in the middle.

The photographs are all in black and white against a white background in daylight. Anyone who lives in or is part of Loughborough Junction is welcome to take part. Bring your friends and family, this is a democratic shoot all are welcome who want to take part.

Local website – LINK(S) TO YOUR COMMUNITY (worth a squint):


Also see the Loughborough Junction Yahoo chat Group:


All the best

Conor Masterson

+44 (0)7930 406 559 / +44 (0)20 7924 0422


Blog: http://www.conormasterson.com/blog

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Friends of Ruskin Park Newsletter 08

Ruskin Park Newsletter Autumn Winter 2008

Ruskin Park Newsletter Autumn Winter 2008

Download the autumn-winter-08 newsletter

I’m delighted to upload the latest newsletter from the Friends of Ruskin Park.

In this issue::

Chair’s park update
Crisis looms for our park
The BIG Draw
Deloitte community day
Play area renovation
Ruskin’s trees – The Oak
How to become a friend

Download the autumn-winter-08 newsletter

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Budgets Slashed for Ruskin Park –

The next public meeting of the Freinds Of Ruskin Park is on 13th November at St Saviours church hall, Finsen Road 7.30pm where the Chair gives an update of park matters and people can comment on and discuss park issues.

The main issue is Lambeth’s lack of care of the park due to park budgets being slashed and money for projects taken for other expenditure.

People need to complain to their Councillors or Lambeth Parks directly. Please write to the councillors below, the care and maintanance of Ruskin Park affects us all, currently the park needs funds to continue ongoing work on the bowls green, the tennis courts, playground, the stable block and general maintanace of the park itself.
The Friends ORP are aware from verbal conversations with Lambeth Parks staff that money that was there for park projects is either no longer there or has been reduced, e.g. the bowling green planting. They believe it has been used to cover budget shortfalls elsewhere, but where they do not know. Why Lambeth feel the need to do this or what state their overall finances are in the Friends don’t know either. The Friends know that there is a budget freeze on all but essential park maintenance, i.e. where there are health and safety issues. To find out more come to the Friends public meeting or see the next newsletter due mid to late November.

Councillor Rebecca Thackray (Green Party) 07946 219 394


Councillor Kirsty McHugh (Labour)

Deputy Cabinet Member for Housing and Neighbourhoods. 07932 792 435


Councillor Jim Dickson (Labour)

Cabinet Member for Finance and Resources. 020 3149 6657